Alone With My Thoughts

We hosted a Bible Overview Breakfast in Pontypool with Steve Levy on Saturday. It was a cracking morning that featured an insanely tasty breakfast and some frank, provocative and insightful teaching. The highlight for me was Steve’s second session in which he explained how the Bible reveals things about God that are uncomfortably true, and the ways in which we should respond. One of the things I found particularly helpful was the idea that Scripture (especially the Psalms) encourages us to approach God with a raw, honest vulnerability.

Which is why 2 days later I was stoked to discover Brewer. Brewer is a Christian grime (UK urban rap akin to what I do) artist who has just released a new ‘mixtape’ as a free download, and it’s buzzin! Alone With My Thoughts definitely holds its own musically, but it’s the lyrics that have really got me gripped and prompted me to give it a mention on the blog. It features some of the most raw and honest lyrics that I have come across in Christian grime and it manages to tread the difficult line between being unnecessarily gritty and real enough to be completely authentic. Some of the tracks aren’t necessarily comfortable listening because they’re real, and I think that’s what I love about it – it’s not so much Christian grime as grime that’s been written by a Christian. It’s the gospel applied to real life – sometimes overtly, sometimes covertly, but shining throughout each track like a silver thread. So often it says “I’m struggling…I’m going down…I can’t cope…I gotta cling to Christ!”

I think I just like hearing honesty in a genre of music that’s too often full of fakeness, fronting, and shallow sentiment! This project is real, creative and seriously flippin’ deep! Above all it’s free, which is insane cos I would have paid hard cash for this!!

Anyway, check out the intro track below and if you like it – get the full thing here.

One thought on “Alone With My Thoughts

  1. Well not my type of music i take it as many did he got his inspiration from the Bible as did one of my favorites Amazing Grace (John 9-25 I was blind but now I see) and i do also like The King of Love my Shepard is. Young ones like yourself it should go down, well I’m old school so i stick too the above type but didn’t he do well.

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