My Bible Is Enough!

Over the last few months our trusty old lap-top has crept ever quicker towards the grave as it started to fall apart both internally and externally! Therefore I was ecstatic 2 weeks ago when I was informed by my financial team that we had enough money in the kitty to be able to purchase a brand new MacBook Pro. So I went ahead and bought and I have to confess – it’s a beautiful bit of kit and a huge blessing, for which we thank the LORD!!

However, 2 days after receiving it my inquisitive 21month old son decided that while I was upstairs – he would get acquainted with it!


I heard it from upstairs and when I arrived at the scene of the crime the MacBook was on the floor, the toddler was in shock and the dad was almost in tears!! Closer inspection revealed that the casing was dented both on the top and the bottom and upon putting a DVD in the drive it sounded like there was a load of gravel in there too! I took it to the Apple Store and they confirmed that my lovely little boy had done £350 worth of damage to the machine! This was annoying on 2 levels:

i) Because we don’t have £350 lying round and have therefore had to use our contents insurance for the first time ever!
ii) Because I couldn’t do all the work that I wanted to do this week for sermons, website etc. as it’s still being repaired as we speak!

However, it wasn’t all bad news. Far from it!

Why? Because I still had my Bible! I Guess I’m as prone as anyone to take technology too far – spending more time clicking and browsing the internet than praying and reading scripture. It’s just easier innit?! But this week I’ve spent more time with my good ole ESV in hand than usual, meditating on and chewing over deep truths and beautiful promises. To be honest, it’s been quite liberating!

I guess the Bible is enough!

Furthermore, I started preaching a new series in Hill City on Sunday looking at the life of Joseph. A book that has been really helpful in getting me excited about Joseph is RT Kendall’s God Meant It For Good. However, as I settled down to do some sermon prep last week I couldn’t find the book anywhere, so had to simply go to the scripture with nothing but a prayer that the Holy Spirit would illuminate the text and guide me into all truth. And He really did! As I got lost in the text I got really excited about what I was reading and started itching to preach what I was learning. I suppose the lesson is that RT’s good – but he’s not the Holy spirit!

Once again I guess the Bible is enough!!

It really shouldn’t come as any great surprise to me. I like to think of myself as a Bible guy – someone who esteems and places a high value on God’s Word. But in reality, I think that my love for scripture had started to be mere lip service. I would say how much I love the Bible, but my lifestyle suggested otherwise!

So now, I’m putting an end to it! I’m going to enjoy these few days without my MacBook Pro and rediscover the godly discipline of getting stuck into scripture! I’m actually going to take Paul’s advice and “Let the word of Christ dwell in [me] richly” (Colossians 3v16).


Because the Bible really is enough!!

2 thoughts on “My Bible Is Enough!

  1. but mate what about the ESV on the Macbook? surely that has to be the ultimate… I have to admit the book is a good un’ and when God opens it up it is awesome!

  2. It’s amazing what material objects can draw us away from Gods word even if it’s not intentional.

    I’m glad the lord has used this situation to bring you closer to him, and allowing you to delve into scripture more.

    Obviously technology can aid in furthering the Gospel but it’s no substitute (as you know) to the preach word from gifted passionate men like yourself.

    Praise him

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