Persecuted Saints In India

I’m not going to write much about this video. I’m just going to let it speak for itself. All I am going to say is that unless you’re emotionally dead – this video will shock and disgust you. It’s left me completely wrecked! I’ve got to warn you before you watch it that it contains harrowing real life footage of violence perpetrated against Christians in India. If you’re a Christian watching this, I hope your response will be compassion, fervent prayer and humble repentance. If you’re not a Christian watching this, please know that the only crime these people have committed is putting their faith in Jesus Christ and trusting Him for salvation. They have found something in Him so wonderful, so irresistible that they can endure suffering like this with love, joy and even forgiveness in their hearts.

Truth is you’ll never see stuff like this on BBC News, but this happens every day all over the world. I am deeply ashamed that I have ignored this for too long, and profoundly grateful to Francis Chan for bringing it to my attention.

I can no longer claim blissful ignorance.

Please God help me to stand with my suffering brothers and sisters in India and around the world, both prayerfully and practically.

Please grant them the grace to keep shining for you.

“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.” (Psaln 116v15)

2 thoughts on “Persecuted Saints In India

  1. Acts 7v54-60 happening today. Lord have mercy. When praying for these Saints don’t forgot to pray for the ones beating them – the Saints themselves probably are (Acts 7v60). The guy beating our precious brother in the video – that was Saul before Jesus got hold of him (Acts 8v1).

  2. Dai let’s backslide go to India and let the welsh maffia with heavy duty boots find them and kick them around!!! This video is gut renching my heart bleeds with u fella.

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