God Is At Work

Last night was awesome! It was one of our prayer-focussed HomeGroups, and I have to confess that after a ridiculously busy day I hadn’t really done a great deal to prepare for it. In fact it’s probably fair to say that the only thing that I did do was ask the Holy Spirit to turn up and lead us.

And I’m so glad that He did!!

First of all He lead me to Psalm 103v2:

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits”

This led us to an impromptu time of intentionally focussing on the goodness of God in our lives and worshipping Him for it! That in itself was profound as for all present it caused us to lift our eyes to God and our voices in praise. This very naturally led into a time in which we gave space for one another to share stories of how we’d experienced the grace of God and the power of the gospel in our own situations.

This was the bit that just blew me away.

The first story was that of a lady who testified to the victory that God had given her over a smoking addiction and the battle with temptation to drink too much alcohol. This was followed by stories of answered prayer from previous homegroups in issues such as health, finance and gospel witness in the workplace. We also heard several people confess that they had just known a deepening in their walk with God and growth in their character. I was especially excited by 2 other stories. The first was of a bloke who had simply told a colleague that he would pray for a tough situation he was facing, only to see his prayer answered and his colleague acknowledge it as answered prayer. This opened a door for the gospel for the first time. The second was another answered prayer of God’s grace to a lady who has just had a second baby and had been feeling quite overwhelmed. The answered prayer came in the form of renewed joy and fresh energy that manifested itself in the form of a spring in the step and all the washing getting done!

Now I know for some that some of that stuff might not sound that dramatic or exciting, but for me – it was both beautiful and inspiring! I loved it because it said that God’s at work in our midst! I think we often get so focussed on the big, flashy and unmissable moves of God (and there’s nothing wrong with all that) that we can overlook the simple, daily evidences of God’s grace to us! God does save, heal, deliver and transform, but let’s not miss the ‘smaller’ miracles of answered prayer, spiritual growth in a believer and a pile of freshly washed clothes!

I’m hungry to see God do so much in and through this crazy young church, and I’m more convinced than ever that God is on the move in our midst!


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