Who’s The Daddy? Erm…Me…Twice!





Went for our 12 week scan yesterday (at Panteg hospital where I was born) and we were well excited to meet the new little jelly dude growing in Michelle. However, we literally weren’t ready for what happened next. Here’s how it went down…

After politely laughing off the fact that the 2 medical ladies (don’t know what their job titles are) found our surname hilarious, I was just getting settled into my chair when Michelle started laughing hysterically. Perplexed and nervously excited I asked “What is it a boy? Can you see his pecker?” (I admit it wasn’t the most dignified question – but I was excited and I’m just reporting the facts!!) Upon being told it wasn’t a manhood that had caused such hilarity, I asked what the dickens was going on. I was encouraged to take another look and this is what I saw:

Admittedly, it’s not the clearest picture, though Michelle’s inability to stop laughing with joy didn’t help capture the miracle! But the upshot is this – there wasn’t one little jelly baby on the screen, but two!

Come on!!!

We know they’re not identical twins as they have their own liquid sleeping bags and placenta drinking straws! However, they were both wriggling for Wales – full of life and developing very well by all accounts!

And trust me – we’re buzzin!

The question we are getting asked is are we freaked out by the prospect of going from 2 kids to 4.

Answer – No!!

We believe that all children are a gift from God:

“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!” (Psalm 127v3-4)

Furthermore, God wouldn’t have trusted them to us if He didn’t think we’d be able to cope. We feel more overjoyed than overwhelmed, though we do take solace from the truth that His grace is perfected in our weakness!! Elen and Josiah are already well excited about having:

a) 2 new brothers
b) 2 new sisters
c) a new brother and a new sister

(God only knows!!)

I need to state publicly what an absolute babe, blessing and soldier my precious wife is too! I love how much she loves her kids and thrives on doing family the crazy Hankey way! She’s amazing! However, please do pray for her – carrying twins whilst also looking after 2 little nutters and keeping me in line is no easy task!

Just want to close this post by praising my gracious God – the giver of all good gifts!

Thank you LORD for this incredible blessing – may all my children grow up to love you, to embrace your gospel and to live for your glory! Amen.

7 thoughts on “Who’s The Daddy? Erm…Me…Twice!

  1. Hey Dai, congratulations!! That’s quite a hefty “quiver” you’ll have in a few months time!!

    We initially thought Orla might be two…but she wasn’t…obviously!

  2. Dai
    May I congratulate you both and that the children are going to have two ?brother’s/sister’s or one of each lol.I am on hand for you and the wife if needed for whatever and pleased God has blessed you with this news,I know your mum would have been cock a hoop lol and I for one am looking forward to your new arrivals in October gosh I was amazed when I got the MRS text message.Donna sends her congrats as well

  3. Twins are the best, especially non-identical ones! (Trust me, I am one) Just don’t dress them the same!

    Many Congratulations

  4. AMMMMMMMMMMAZING!!!!!! so excited for you both!!!! tons and tons of love to you all, especially Michelle!!!!!!!!

  5. Forget the mushy stuff hanks…I’m loving the fact ‘you’re the Daddy’…double time/multiplied by two, ba-ra-RA-RAA-RAAAA….I’m loving it.

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