Bunk Bed Bliss

Hoping to do a slightly more theological post a bit later later, but couldn’t resist posting this up now.

As you’d imagine the news that we’re going to be getting 2-for-the-price-of-1 deal on babies in less than 6 months time has come as a massive blessing and obviously we’re buzzin to the max! However, living as we do in a not-very-big 3-bedroom terraced house along with 2 crazy kids and a 7-stone canine freak – everything kind of feels quite small at the moment! Our car’s definitely too small and we’re now faced with the challenge of how our precious new twins are going to fit into the current sleeping arrangements.

Well, for what it’s worth they seem to have come up with their own solution and decided to share their idea with Michelle at her check-up scan on Tuesday.

Kinda looks like they want bunk-beds!!

9 thoughts on “Bunk Bed Bliss

  1. Dai

    Thanks mate. Ultrasounds are amazing, eh?

    My mom was over the other night, and she was telling us that her mom, who had 11 kids, never even had the thought that there was an actual person inside her, until the past couple years, seeing all the ultrasounds of her great-grand-kids.

  2. In my family we had a girls room, boys room and parents room, with the girls and twins in bunk beds. All 7 of us in a 3 bed semi, Where there’s a will there’s a way!

  3. My mother was in the night, others and we were told that His mother, who had 11 children, never thought was there was a real person in it until recently because all ultrasound examinations of their great-grandchildren.

  4. Dai I think the twins have it sussed my friend they look like they are in bunks so bunks it is!lol as paul has reminded you where there is a will there is a way and God knows what both your needs are Im sure if we pray hard enough God will bless you with not only a darling pai of children also maybe a bigger car to carry them and the other two in lol as you said maybe the church could do with a mini bus lol
    God Bless you and what an awesome scan photo the one on top looks like could be a little J

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