The Hard Corps

Really thrilled to be writing this post as it gives details of the book that I have just been commissioned to write by the Good Book Company. The story goes like this…

2 years ago I encountered the Mighty Men of David in the pages of Scripture and have been inspired by them ever since. Their courage, skill, never-say-die attitude and passion for their king just gets me excited and ready for some righteous ruckus! Anyway, it was at this year’s Men’s Convention that I looked around at all the men and thought ‘I’d love this lot to meet the Mighty Men.’

So I went home and prayed about whether God wanted me to write a book to do just that. I felt a liberty to do so and so with God’s help I sketched out the outline for a book based on the account in 2Samuel 23. I wrote an introduction and a rough first chapter and sent it to my friends at the Good Book Co (who already publish one of my tracts). I wasn’t sure what they’d make of the concept as the opening words of the introduction read:

“A quick glance around the church today and you’d be forgiven for thinking that when a man starts following Jesus he has to trade in his testicles for a pair of open-toed sandals.”

Incredibly, I received an email last week to confirm that they want to publish the book and are committed to helping me finish it! Obviously I’m buzzin’ cos from where I’m sitting God is all over this and that’s what counts! So here’s the lowdown:

  • The book will be called ‘The Hard Corps: in the trenches with David’s Mighty Men’
  • It will be roughly 20,000 words.
  • It will consist of an intro, 7 full chapters, a practical Combat Training section at the end of each chapter, an outro, and a series of Bible studies for men at the back of the book.
  • Just like Yorkie bars it’s not for girls! It’s going to be completely geared towards men and will be honest, blunt, gritty, provocative and shamelessly gospel-centred.

Please pray for me to know God’s help in getting this book written quickly as I want to get it done before my twins arrive in October! (I’m still working on A Beautiful Day too!) Above all please pray that God will enable me to write a book that is creatively fresh, helpful to men and glorifying to God.


8 thoughts on “The Hard Corps

  1. Humpty’s still going to make an appearance in A Beautiful Day, but definitely not in this book! Kinda weird having two books on the go at the same time, but it’s all good!

  2. Dai if your books are as good a read as your preaching they will most definatly be worth a read at least lol good on ye mate

  3. Dai, just want to encourage you with the verses I turn to when I feel like my studies are too much, Phillipians 4:13 and Ephesians 2:10. Puts me back on track everytime I read them!

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