Hill City Beermats

Another quick post to introduce you to Hill City’s latest outreach initiative – Beermats.

I’ve just taken delivery of 2000 customized beermats that have the Hill City Church logo on the one side, and the phrase “There must be more to life than this” on the other, complete with details of where and when the church meets, along with our web address and a description of oursleves as “A fresh expression of church that loves God, loves people and loves life.”

We intend to deliver these beermats, complete with a music CD, to every house in Trevethin in the hope that they will be used as what they are – beermats – by those who are sick of life as it is and hungry for life as it should be! I’d love to hear people testify in years to come that the turning point in their life came as they were drowning their sorrows one day when they took a second look at that random beermat that had been shoved through their letterbox…

Please pray for us that God would use these mats for His glory here in Trevethin!

2 thoughts on “Hill City Beermats

  1. Hi Dai putting God out in the marketplace, on a beermat, well you may just get a few narrow minded anti-drinkers criticizing you. (i like my drink so save me a few). Jesus lead by example an action man and a compelling speaker, his parables were very powerful messages to the people. If Jesus was preaching in today world I would think he would be using many a methods to get his message across i.e. the Internet
    Some may think your beermat just another gimmick but it may start conversations and lead to some wanting to explore religion, at the end of the day only attendance improvement will tell.

  2. Dai a brilliant Idea,one that will most certainly get folk talking,even if it is to criticise faith being on beermats,but it certainly may make a few folk realise there is more to life than just a packet of crisps and a lager.I no as Alan has said there might be even narrow minded people out there anti- drinker within the church itself thinking that bear and faith do not go together,but I believe thats where Jesus would be trying to get the believer to believe again or non believers to think again God Bless you Dai and I know God himself is heling you spread the Gosspil one way or another

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