Out Of The Mouth Of Babies And Infants…

Simply had to share this little nugget from our family time this morning. We were all in the living room and chatting about the twins when Elen (4yrs) came out with this:

“I’m going to teach them about ballet, flowers and butterflies, and God!”

Loving how precious that was I asked her what it was about God that she would teach them. Check out her reply:

“That He is holy. That He is always with us. And that He died on the cross to forgive us for our sins!”

Blown away by that profound answer, Michelle asked her why she thought Jesus died on the cross, to which she replied:

“Because He wants us to be part of His family…because He loves us!”

Michelle then asked Elen how she would teach these things to the twins. Elen’s reply:

“With the Bible!”

I’ve got to confess that I was buzzin’ to to the max at my little girl’s beautifully simple grasp of the gospel. As I’ve expressed in Lessons I’ve Learned From My Little Girl, it’s been incredible as Elen’s dad to learn more about the Father-heart of God as she’s been growing up. But to hear her starting to articulate some of the big truths of the gospel in her own words at such a young age – that’s so much more thrilling!! I just pray that the truths she’s starting to understand will very soon drop from her head to her heart (if they haven’t already!!)

It’s literally one of the most special episodes of my life as a dad so far.

Thank you Jesus that “From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise” (Psalm 8v2)

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