Out Of The Loop But In The Press

Apologies for not having posted anything for a while. Basically we were on holiday last week and I took a break from blogging, tweeting and emailing in order to spend some quality time with my precious family.

After getting home on the weekend it’s been straight into the chaos of getting a new kitchen fitted! It’s sucked all my time, strength and blogability out of me and we’re not done yet. The ripping out bit was fun, though the scraping tile adhesive off the floor was anything but (if purgatory was real – it would definitely involve scraping immovable residue off manky kitchen floors!!) There’s still tiling, plastering, wiring, painting, plumbing, assembling and re-stocking yet to do…so it may be a week or so til I’m properly back in the loop, let alone blogging.

However, I thought I’d leave you with this little link to an article that has made it into both the South Wales Argus and the local Free Press this week. It’s not the most factually accurate article ever and it certainly doesn’t paint the truest picture of Hill City, but if God wants to use it in reaching people with the gospel then happy days…

2 thoughts on “Out Of The Loop But In The Press

  1. Dai
    It was so nice to read that in the paper about you and hill city,If God wants to use the media he will lol hope the kitchen is up and running now,and the good lady wife is resting as she should(mid that is difficult with two little ones) God Bless you all

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