Month: September 2010

Reaching the Unreached

On Tuesday I was blessed to be invited to travel to Birmingham and to hang out in a sweaty little room with a bunch of guys I’d never met before. Essentially this motley crew was a bunch of men and women who are involved in church planting and gospel outreach in communities across the UK that are marginalised and crying out for Jesus.



Mixing Coffee & Compassion at Starbucks

On Saturday 30th October, myself and my co-pilot James (the Junglist) Richards have been granted permission to do a non-stop DJ set at Cwmbran Starbucks, in order to raise money for our Compassion children in Burkina Faso. We will be playing drum & bass, liquid funk and breaks all day (at a sociable volume) for people to enjoy whilst supping their cappuccinos. Anyone who wants to make a donation can be assured that every single penny will go towards mosquito nets, play equipment and teaching facilities for the children of Compassion project BF201 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (the world’s 3rd poorest country).

We are so grateful to God for this opportunity and are praying that it will prove a huge blessing both to the punters at Starbucks, and especially to our precious Burkina kids!

Come and support us if you can.


Calvary Is For Kids Too!

Last Friday I had a phone call from the local Primary School. I was informed that our eldest daughter, Elen, was feeling a bit under the weather and wanted to come home early. Naturally, I went straight down to get her.

Once she was home and surrounded by the familiarity of family, it became clear that, while she was still getting over a cold, there was a bit more to it than just feeling unwell. Bless her, she’s only 4 and is having to adjust to the arrival of our beautiful twins (and all the attention they get!), as well as having to get used to the new full-length school day AND having to eat way too much of her dad’s limited cooking. All that, coupled with a minor incident in school that had left her feeling a bit overwhelmed, a bit fragile and in need of some QT with her fam. (more…)

Little Black Book Series – The Bible

So here’s the first of my book reviews. I thought I’d start with an easy one – a small and short little number from Matthias Media’s Little Black Book Series that’s all about one of my favourite subjects – The Bible.

I’ll give you my overall verdict, then go over it in a bit more detail.

Basically it’s a cracking little book and at around 50 pages long I was able to get through the whole thing in just 4 sittings (which isn’t bad for a slow-reader with 2 newborn babies!!) (more…)

Time To Read, Reflect and Review

So here I am 4 days into being a daddy (again). I’m loving my new little babans (and trust me – they are little!) and enjoying the sleepless buzz of paternity leave too. I’m currently sat here typing one-handed with my son Ezra snuggly tucked away in the crook of my other arm. It’s piggin’ hard typing one-handed too, so I guess I need to find some other stuff to do for the next few weeks.

As it goes, I’ve got just the thing…

By God’s incredible grace, my friends at the Good Book Company recently sent me a parcel of books to read and review here on the Rant. Books include The Archer and the Arrow (by Jensen & Grimmond) and two of Matthias Media’s Little Black Book series – Suffering & Evil and The Bible (both by Scott Petty). I’ve also got a DVD to review called Tales of the Unexpected (by Peter Woodcock), so I guess I’ll be getting a bit of screen time with the twins too!

Don’t get me wrong I’ll still be whacking up the odd ‘normal’ post during this time (has anything I’ve ever posted really qualified as ‘normal’?!!) but I don’t get many opportunities to spend quality time with my babies, a coffee and a good book, so I’m grateful to God for the opportunity and intend to grab it with both hands (unless I’ve got a baby in one of them!!)

Reviews to follow shortly…

Redeeming The Day

The poignancy of my twins being born on September 11th is not lost on me.

I think it was when Michelle was admitted to hospital on September 9th that it first struck me that the twins being born on the anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities was a very real prospect. Initially I was horrified by the thought as, while I’m not an American, the scale of sheer evil that was unleashed on that day affected me deeply. I didn’t want my twins to be associated with that date. (more…)

Welcome Ezra & Anastasia

A more detailed post will follow, but this is just a quick one to announce the safe arrival of Ezra Luke and Anastasia Ruth into the world on the evening of September 11th 2010.

Both were born by natural delivery. Ezra came first, weighing in at a respectable 5lb 9oz, followed shortly afterwards by his sister, who was a much more dooty 4lb 6.5oz (apparently the .5 matters!) Anastasia came out feet first, still in the embryonic sack and bringing both placentas with her!! Talk about making a splash!! Both were declared healthy and happy by the paediatricians and are now chillin’ on the ward with their mammy who (in my humble opinion) is an absolute hero for being so strong, brave and godly in the way she handled the whole ordeal!! I thank God so much for my wife!!!

Like I said, there will be more to follow, including some beautiful words that Michelle wrote during the morning before they were born. In the meantime, please keep praying for us: That the twins will feed and thrive, that Elen and Josiah will adapt, that Michelle will recover, that I’ll be able to give all that’s required of me, and that God will be glorified in our family.

Thanks so much for your love and prayer guys.

You are loved back deeply!!