Time To Read, Reflect and Review

So here I am 4 days into being a daddy (again). I’m loving my new little babans (and trust me – they are little!) and enjoying the sleepless buzz of paternity leave too. I’m currently sat here typing one-handed with my son Ezra snuggly tucked away in the crook of my other arm. It’s piggin’ hard typing one-handed too, so I guess I need to find some other stuff to do for the next few weeks.

As it goes, I’ve got just the thing…

By God’s incredible grace, my friends at the Good Book Company recently sent me a parcel of books to read and review here on the Rant. Books include The Archer and the Arrow (by Jensen & Grimmond) and two of Matthias Media’s Little Black Book series – Suffering & Evil and The Bible (both by Scott Petty). I’ve also got a DVD to review called Tales of the Unexpected (by Peter Woodcock), so I guess I’ll be getting a bit of screen time with the twins too!

Don’t get me wrong I’ll still be whacking up the odd ‘normal’ post during this time (has anything I’ve ever posted really qualified as ‘normal’?!!) but I don’t get many opportunities to spend quality time with my babies, a coffee and a good book, so I’m grateful to God for the opportunity and intend to grab it with both hands (unless I’ve got a baby in one of them!!)

Reviews to follow shortly…

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