Reaching the Unreached

On Tuesday I was blessed to be invited to travel to Birmingham and to hang out in a sweaty little room with a bunch of guys I’d never met before. Essentially this motley crew was a bunch of men and women who are involved in church planting and gospel outreach in communities across the UK that are marginalised and crying out for Jesus.

While it was great to talk about something I’m so passionate about with like-minded brothers and sister (with coffee and muffins on tap), there was a reason for us all being there. One of the guys in attendance was none other than Tim Chester – a prolific author and leader of the Crowded House in Sheffield. Apparently Tim and a hand-full of other guys had rightly identified that when it comes to books about how to effectively reach broken communities, such as the ones we all represented, there is literally very little that is either sound or relevant on the shelves of Christian bookshops right now. The day was therefore all about putting our heads together in order to collate material for a book that Tim was overseeing.

What a privilege to be involved!

The next session is pencilled in for January – buzzin!

I’m not completely sure how this work group had come together, but I think it had a lot to do with an annual conference that Steve Casey (pastor of a church in Speke, Liverpool) organises called Reaching the Unreached. I haven’t been able to attend any of these conferences yet, though from what I gather it would seem that this conference is growing in stature and influence and as such promises to be a timely and strategic event. Suffice to say next year’s date is already in the diary.

You can find out more about Reaching the Unreached by visiting their blog (that I now contribute to).

I pray that God will bless all those connected to this network and that the unreached will be both reached and redeemed by His grace and for His glory!

6 thoughts on “Reaching the Unreached

  1. Poverty of income/opportunity/expectation,schemes that don’t led to a job, thats the stigma associated with estates, mostly council, and most get a good education but it don’t follow they go to uni, so maybe spiritual need have never been greater..In reality the decline in church attendance is evident that we do not need to build new churches, the established ones have lots of rules,i.e. you must pray at home,read the bible,how to relate to others, and what choices we make in life are just a few rules some of the older churches expect you to follow, the upkeep of these church are expensive and it is sad they keep them locked up for some who may need solace. All we need is to provide a place to bring communities closer to God a place like a closed shop, the local community hall, tried and proven and much less cost to run.
    I will build my church..(Matt 16-18) reference again to church…(Matt 18-17) but we know that Jesus preached anywhere. And the word church is Greek meaning assembly/call out/ gathering. Now how many follow in the way of Jesus and his disciples? a few do come knocking on doors.Maybe at christmas time you will see the Salvation army on the streets and that is great

  2. None that I’m aware of. Think Birmingham just seemed an appropriate central venue for representatives from as far a field as Newcastle, Burnley, Liverpool, Sheffield, London, and South Wales. Are you planting/ministering in an urban priority context in Brum?

  3. Yes, I am a church member at Emmanuel Church in Handsworth in Birmingham …

    I run our Young Men’s Outreach -which whilst we struggle away with little fruit and to train up brothers to relate to the lads – I reckon we hold the distinction for having the most attendees going to prison of any church ‘youth group’ in the country ?

    Despite this … the group has been remarkably peaceful over the years, it’s the lack of spiritual interest is the hardest thing.

  4. Colin,

    Sounds like a great ministry. I pray you know God’s blessing, rest in His peace and see His salvation at work in the lives of these young guys.

    Stand strong bro.

  5. Any idea where all the resources for “reaching the unreached” have moved to? Seems the web page for the working group has moved?

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