Banksy’s Back

Ironically it was only yesterday that I was thinking about Banksy.

Bansky is a mysterious, controversial, provocative street writer from Bristol for whom I have huge respect! Back in the day I started profiling some of his work on this blog, though for whatever reason, ‘Bansky Wednesdays’ didn’t last long. However, as I drove past one of his pieces yesterday I decided it was time to give it another go.

So you can imagine how buzzin’ I was this morning to discover that Banksy has only gone and crafted the opening sequence for the legendary Simpsons (my favourite cartoon of all time!!) Banksy’s intro is dark, edgy, creepy, sinister…and it’s got people talking (which is what Banksy does best!)

What better way to relaunch Banksy Wednesday than this?

6 thoughts on “Banksy’s Back

  1. Al: I’ll hopefully be back in Brizzle in the next week or so if you fancy grabbing a coffee and meatballs at Ikea!

    Caleb: Agree with you about the dolphin head – class. Think my favourite bit was the Banksy tag that mysteriously appeared on the outside wall while Bart wrote his lines on the blackboard having clearly been implicated for Banksy’s crimes – such a cheeky tribute to the elusive character that is Banksy.

  2. Sammy, you’re a man of fine taste. Love that print bruv – gotta get me one of them when I can afford it…probably once I’ve put all my kids through Uni and then married em off!!

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