Stepping Out Of The Loop To Get In The Zone

When I was a rebellious teenager a teacher once wrote this about me in my school report:

“If he spent as much time learning as he did trying to be the centre of attention – he’d be a genius by now!”

I’m clearly no genius so I guess that was wasted advice! In all seriousness, however, I think that my teacher spotted something in my character that was a real problem back then…and it probably still is today! Truth is I’ve always been much better at gobbing off, showing off and doing stuff, than sitting back, listening and¬†reflecting.

What that looks like in my life as a disciple and Pastor is that I find it much easier to preach, to talk, to tweet and to blog than I do to pray, to fast, to study Scripture and listen to God. Thing is I¬†crave a deep, meaningful and powerful walk with God yet in reality life is hectic and I’m getting squeezed, stretched and starved all at the same time. I can talk/blog/tweet about Jesus all day, but to be honest it doesn’t mean jack if it’s not rooted in authentic, rich relationship.

I think what I’m saying is that right now I need to be still and let God be God.

So I’m stepping out of the loop for a week.

To be more specific I’m taking a 7 day break from blogging and tweeting and all other forms of social media. I intend to fill all the time I would have otherwise spent writing, reading and responding to blogs and tweets with focussed prayer and Bible study. Furthermore every time I feel the urge to whip my iPhone out and check my Twitter timeline, I’m going to be firing up bullet-prayers for various people and situations who are on my heart.

I guess essentially I’m taking a week out to pray and to fast!*

However, I want to make it clear that I’m not doing this because I think blogs, Twitter etc. are sinful? Quite the opposite in fact! I’m just in a place where I need to unplug for a while and rediscover the beautiful discipline of waiting on Jesus, resting in His presence and letting the gospel grip my heart again!

So here’s where you come in: I’d love it if you would stand with me in this. Would you be willing to commit the time you might have spent checking the blog or following me on Twitter in prayer?

  • Pray for my relationship with God – that He’d grant me the desire of my heart, draw close and refresh my spirit.
  • Pray for my family – that God would give us grace and strength as we continue to get used to life with LOTS of kids.
  • Pray for my Church – we are at a critical stage in the life of Hill City. We really need the saints to stand and shine, yet many are getting smashed to bit at the mo!
  • Pray for my community – this council estate needs Jesus BIG TIME!! Please pray for more doors for the gospel and more salvation!

Thanks so much guys. See you in a week…

*I once heard this helpful definition of prayer and fasting: “Prayer connects you to God. Fasting disconnects you from the world.”

2 thoughts on “Stepping Out Of The Loop To Get In The Zone

  1. Good for you.

    I wonder whether, following your school analogy, you were the sort of student who would have learned more effectvely in a collaborative small group, with an emphasis on self-learning? Many children who do not benefit from “chalk and talk” do, in fact learn effectively this way.

    If so, you might be the sort of adult whose spiritual life, learning and relationship with God is more effectively worked out with a small group of other trusted friends, where you are not the leader but a peer.

    That’s not to say that weeks like this one are not great to have from time to time. Will pray for you as requested.

  2. Almost there Dai while i know of no command in the Bible for christians to fast and fasting is more linked to food, your fast looks more of a spiritual gain to come closer to your God feeding the soul. Believers fasted before they made serious decisions or problems to resolve, looks like you have have a few to sort out . And fasting and prayer are generally mentioned together in the Bible, and most holy men if not all has fasted. I wish you well two days to go.

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