I’ve Re-emerged!

Just a quick note to say I’ve re-emerged out of my week in the blogging, twittering darkness and I’m back in the swing of things. The last 7 days haven’t been spectacular, but they have been very helpful in exposing my weakness, my self-centredness and the shameful superficiality of my faith.

I’m back on the blog. I’m Back tweeting. But I’m also back with a renewed desire to make sure that every minute I spend, every thought I publish and every pixel I produce is for His name and His glory – not my own! I hope the content of my posts and my tweets will reflect this!

Thanks so much for your prayers.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Re-emerged!

  1. Hi Dai. nice to know you are back ,after your exposing weakness/shameful superficiality of faith/self-centredness period, now if you were of another faith i would say you looked forward to going to confession just so you can have someone to talk to.
    You are starting a new series,(in the trenches with David’s men) not about ww1 i take it must be the story of rags to riches,Shepard to King of Israel, a warrior/poet/musician/composer, and a eye for the girls, related to Jesus who he called a man after his own heart. I may just come one Sunday,i will read it if its on line. I wish you and your family well CU AL

  2. Hi Al

    The forthcoming series is all about King David’s elite troop of soldiers known as the Mighty Men. You’ll find them in 2Samuel 23v8-39. They’re an inspiring, motley crew and have lots to teach us about what it means to fight for the King. You’d be more than welcome to come and join us any Sunday mate.

    God bless.


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