Today is the 1st anniversary of my mam’s death. I was contemplating doing a lengthy post, but to be honest, that just didn’t feel appropriate. I wrote a series of posts last year called Grace That Shines In The Dark in which I shared about the pain of losing mam to cancer and the hope that my family and I drew from the gospel of Jesus. Feel free to read if you’d like.

Truth is that I still miss mam like crazy. I still have days when I weep without warning, still wish I could talk to her about random stuff, still wish she’d met the twins, still expect to see her in the kitchen when I walk through the front door of dad’s house, and still find my heart warmed and my mouth smiling when I think about her. However, I’m convinced that the grace that has got me and my family through these last 12 months is the same grace that continues to strengthen and sustain us today and will continue to do so. I don’t say that flippantly, I simply believe that it is one of the treasures of the gospel that mam clung to and taught her family to love.

So if you could spare a thought and a prayer today, please pray for us as a family (especially my dad). I’m sure we’ll all cope in different ways today, but praise God we’ll all do so in the company of a friend who sticks closer than a brother, in the arms of a Great High Priest who sympathises with us in our sorrow, and in the hope of a Risen Saviour who we’ll one day join mam in worshipping forever after!

Jesus wins.

3 thoughts on “Mam

  1. I heard a voice from heaven saying , blessed the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth Yea, said the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours, and their works do follow them…. Revelation 14-13
    I thank my God in all my remembrace of you….Philippians 1-3.

  2. Can not comprehend the emotions of an anniversary like this put pray that I wont have to face it for sometime and then when I do my parents faith would be a even a fraction of your mams.

    Prayin’ for all the Hankeys today, may God sustain you.

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