Taking No Man’s Land

Those who follow me on Twitter or check-in on the New Breed blog will know why I’m incredibly excited about tomorrow (Saturday 20th November). In a nut-shell, New Breed are in Cardiff hosting Taking No Man’s Land – our biggest and best Welsh church planting conference to date, and we are delighted to have our friend Steve Timmis as our speaker for the day. Steve helps to lead the Crowded House in Sheffield, serves as the Director of Acts29 Western Europe and is generally a legend! I’m also personally looking forward to teaching a seminar on the subject of The Noble Art of Unleashing Gospel Ruckus.

We’re anticipating a really good turn out and it’s our prayer that many of the young men and women who attend will be encouraged, equipped and compelled to plant light-giving churches in the darkest corners of Wales! Most of the event info is on the flyer below, though you can also check out the events page of the New Breed website.

If you’re passionate about seeing gospel-wielding churches planted in Wales, then please do come along – it’d be great to see you. Otherwise, please pray for the event and for all who attend and contribute.


15 thoughts on “Taking No Man’s Land

  1. Do you go into these communities and ask them if they want this first, or do you simply look at a community and decide that they want it? Also how is all this paid for, do you guys work or is this your work if so who pays you?
    Just curious?

  2. We identify areas that have no gospel-preaching church (there’s plenty that have cold, dead, religious churches – but they’re no use to anyone!) Then as God leads we plant churches. In the case of the Garn, we also have people who live in Garn but currently attend Hill City Church (Trevethin), or are connected to our church in Trevethin, as well as others who live in Garn but have have to travel to other areas to attend church. All of these people have expressed a desire to see a fresh, vibrant church started in their community, and to be involved in it.

    As far as money goes, some planters are in full-time employment and do church stuff as and when they can. Some work part-time so they can serve the church part-time. Others (like me) live by faith and work full-time for the church. There’s no set model. Any money we spend up in Garn (building hire, equipment, publicity, food, etc. will come from our own pockets!)

    Hope that helps.

  3. That’s dedication for you! Hope you don’t mind mr asking these questions?
    As for those that ‘live by faith’ like yourself how do you survive without an income and (please don’t take offense) should an un-employed person be a role model on such council estates? Reading Bibles don’t pay bills or maybe it does.
    I do admire your willingness.

  4. Technically people like me who live by faith are self-employed. I pay my taxes, feed my family, stay out of debt and don’t squander what I have. Don’t know if that makes me a good role model or not – but I don’t think I set a bad example. In fact pretty much all the guys I know who are involved in/interested in moving into these regions to plant churches, like myself, are educated to degree level and have chosen to forsake a better job, a higher income and the more cushy life that they could have pursued because they are passionate about reaching out to those in need and spending the best years of their life in sacrificial loving, rather the selfish living. I think that does make them good role models in these communities.

    If you’re really interested in the sort of stuff that we do and why we do it, check out this old BBC Wales news report on the last estate I lived and served in – St.Mellons, Cardiff: https://sanctifiedrant.wordpress.com/2009/12/15/taking-a-bus-down-memory-lane/

  5. Dude I’m not denying all those things, maybe the question was put incorrectly. I was just wondering if you are not working a “normal” job how do you pay the bills and your taxes that’s all. As I said I admire your willingness and dedication just wondering how does reading and preaching the Bible pay your bills if your ‘living by faith’?

  6. Just watched the report, although that bus looked like it helped those guys out on a Thursday night what they doing now? By putting a bunch of kids on a bus, driving around an estate and mc’ing really help them in any long term aspect? I don’t know the full story (hence why I’m asking) but it seems to keep the kids outta of trouble by giving them something to do but I really can’t see the long term benefits. I would think inspiring these kids to see the benefits of a good education or/and the importance of learning whether it be on an academic level or skills level. It always pisses me off when you hear kids saying there’s “nothing to do around here” it always reminds me of the scene in Monty Pyrhons Life of Brian, “what have the Romans ever done for us!,” I was bought up on Council estates and we genuinely did have nothing other than a youth club who would ban you if you swore! Sinse I’ve grown up and left the vast majority now have basketball courts, 5 aside football courts and skateparks.
    The next generation of kids will most likely have even more again and will still be moaning and blaming society for their wrong doings. I believe the biggest problem is with how they are raised and not learning import values in life, i.e treat others like you want to be treated. Giving kids more things to distractbthem from what they should be doing at that age does not help society it only reinforces the idea that society owes them something before they have even contributed to it!
    And please don’t tell me I don’t know what it’s like for these kids, my mother left us one night foe 2 other women and we were raised by my disabled father who died from bone cancer at 49, my uncles who lived with us were manic depressants who were junkies I could go on. Thankfully one of my girlfriends went to Uni and was from a good family so I started to notice the benefits and the rest is history. LOL

  7. I hope you dont mind me butting in on your discussion here fellas but I have been watching it unfold with great interest. Stead, i couldnt agreee more with what you’re saying about the attitude of children today – the idea that society owes them something and the lack of moral and social values etc however sadly, for many of these children (as you can obviously relate to very strongly from your own experiences), there is often a distinct lack of role models to help instill these values within there own immidiate family. I think the type of work that Dai and the others do, offers them a second family where they can learn about the alternative type of life avaiable to them. Similar to the girlfriend and her family that you spoke of in your situation, these churches will show people that this doesnt have to be your future. It will offer a place where these young people can feel loved and accepted and be gently taught the kind of moral and social values that will help them to become valued memebers of their communities. Often the church is perceived as judgmental and hypocritial (sadly with good cause in many cases), but this kind of outreach shows that the heart of God is to reach into ALL situations and change lives.

  8. Is it a fair to say that you need God to make you feel happy though. I think the religious aspect should be kept out of it and mc’ing on a bus that drives around an estate doesn’t really instill a sense of adult responsibility. Maybe I should start a humanist group and get a bunch of Kids to play xbox together online and teach them about how we can value life and our planet without God. In fact I would if I had the time but I can’t see how playing the xbox or mc’ing on the bus would be beneficial unless of cause it’s to get them ‘on board’!
    I do have a grip with these tactics that are used as the Church teaches us that if you know of the gospel then dismiss it then your going to Hell for all eternity and that really doesn’t sound like the method a benevolent being would use. Teaching vunerable kids this ain’t really a positive thing and makes me question any *good* intentions for why they are doing it. It all sounds very much like brainwashing tactics to be honest but I’m not accusing anybody of doing it knowingly.
    Must dash…

  9. Stead.

    What are you doing for these kids then mate? I think it’s a bit rich questioning my motives, the motives of those who I work with and all those Christians who seek to reach out to young people in the grip of urban chaos. Just sounds like what I hear from most who have an axe to grind with Christians – they don’t really have an alternative, they just know they don’t like what we do or why we do it! Did we Bible bash all those kids on the bus every week? No. Did we love them? Yes! Even when they threw it back in our faces? YES! I was a father figure to so many of them kids, been through more pain with them than I care to relate in this comment and even though I haven’t lived in St.Mellons for 3 years I still love them and still get ‘hugged to bits’ by them when I go back and visit. Did any of those kids on that video get ‘saved’, baptised or even churched? No. Did I want them to? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

    Think what you want mate, my conscience is clear!!

  10. Dia, most people have full time jobs and families and like myself I give to charities because that’s what I can do. The children those charities support know people care about them hence they are being supported by a charity. I wish I had your time to help kids in my area and I know the biggest part of that help comes from helping people to understand morality and values that benefit themselves and society. That way they learn to better their lives forthemselves for their own sake which inturn will build character and confidence to do what is right. As for their personal spiritual development that is something for them to discover themselves once they have gained knowledge of the world. These outreach churches do these deeds to get people to believe what they believe and do it because they think that’s what some ancient text is telling them to do and that isn’t a good deed. You should help these children because you want to help them not because you think that you’ll get into heavens penthouse. Why do you feel that people must believe in your God to feel loved or be good? I feel massively loved and have allot of love to give people and I don’t subscribe to any supernatural supervisor.
    If you want to help deprived kids to become better people and look to the right things help them understand the physical world we have to live in right here right now and how to respectit, appreciate it and every one and thing on it. Help them discover the value of the humanities, how to look at a painting and see beauty, how to stop every now and again and be in awe of a vast empty plane and wonder what has stood infront of them over the countless age of the Earth and how to look up in the night sky and try to grasp the infinate darkness of space.
    How can anyone even come close to comprehending the plans of some infinitely complex being, who you claim to be the Creator of all this and, without understanding the Universe and our place within it?
    I’ve also noticed how loosely you use the word love. If you believe you can love somebody without even knowing them then you surely don’t understand love. I think you sometimes mix up the feeling of love with pity. Do you really love everybody, or do you say that because you think that’s what God wants you to do?
    I must repeat this before I must once again dash, I think your intentions and your heart was in the right place when you did those things and I’m not accusing you of any mallace.

  11. Think we’ll have to agree to disagree on the whole God thing mate.

    As for love – I think there are degrees of love – I love my wife more than my friends and I love my friends more than people I don’t know, but as a Christian the command to love my neighbour applies to everyone, even my enemies. As for loving people I don’t know – who are you referring to? I knew those kids super well. I shared life with them for over 6 years (that’s longer than most marriages these days!!) If you knew half of what I went through with most of them, I don’t think you’d find the word ‘love’ inappropriate at all. I didn’t merely ‘pity’ them – pity is a powerless emotion. I loved them because love is powerful verb that requires action. I know for a fact that the time, energy, sweat, tears and prayers that I invested in some of them made a huge difference in their lives. They’d tell you the same.

  12. What do you mean by agreeing to disagree with the God thing? You’ve just proved one big point! Just because the bible tells you something that doesn’t automatically make it so. The bible commands you to love thy neighbour and enemy, which either shows that God failed to understand the emotions of man or that it was written by man who fails to acknowledge how human emotions work. The bible tells you to stone people who speak ill of God and it also teaches us to kill others who worship false gods but that bit you reject, the rules change coz you realise that’s nit acceptable. If you disagree with such treatment you disagree with the word of God! That kind of abandonment of reason ain’t gonna help kids better their lives. You need to create rational, logical minds that know how to understand the world. Your just teaching them to reject anything that they don’t like and if it causes them fail at something then they always got God. Ignorance is not bliss! You cannot gain such knowledge and understanding of the world that allows a real appreciation of the world with a mind that abandons logic and reason.

  13. What I mean by agreeing to disagree on the whole God thing is that I believe in God and all that the Bible teaches, and you don’t. We therefore have significantly differing worldviews and must surely agree to disagree on what each other believes.

    I have to say that your understanding of the Bible is limited. We don’t hold to Old Testament laws (where all that killing/stoning stuff is found) because Christ fulfilled the Law in its entirety, liberating us by grace. Furthermore, do you really think that loving our enemies is an irrational, ridiculous concept? Maybe it’s because you’ve never been on either the giving or receiving end of such love. Personally, I have and it’s the kind of love that resolves conflicts, heals marriages, reunites families, and transforms communities. The only way that it’s possible though is by embracing the power of the gospel, in which Jesus loved His enemies (me!) all the way to the cross and beyond. I can love, indeed do love, those who hate, oppose and persecute me because that’s the Jesus way. That might sound stupid to you. Either way, it’s an incredibly powerful and freeing way to live and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    This discussion could go on indefinitely – you calling into question God, the Bible and the teachings of Jesus etc. but I don’t think it’s particularly helpful or productive. I don’t want to have to defend what I believe and why I believe it on my own blog day in and day out. You disagree with me. That’s fine – it’s your prerogative to do that.

    I’ll pray for you.

    Let’s just leave it at that shall we?

  14. Dia you’re failing to recognise everything I’m saying to you and reverting to a classic Evangelical response; I’m attacking your faith and that your understanding of the Bible is far superior. Now your either purposefully doing it because you don’t know how to respond or you genuinely have failed to see it.
    I think it would be best to leave it as it is not for the sake of agreeing to disagree but because your failing to respond to anything I’ve said or picked up on the actual issue I’m raising.

    Thanks for praying for me and I’ll give you the same curtesy back by saying. Obviously I can’t pray for you but I will wish for you.

    (insert god/s) bless you 😉

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