Off To Donny To Get Ignited

At 7:46am tomorrow (23rd) I’m jumping on a train to go to Doncaster for Ignition. Ignition is a gathering of European church planters that has been organised by Acts29WE. It will feature teaching from Steve Timmis and Richard Coekin and is essentially the formation of a core group of planters who together will be spearheading Acts 29’s strategic mission to plant churches across Western Europe…

…and I’m the Wales guy!

It’s phenomenally humbling to even be considered, let alone invited to be part of this group of guys. I’m going to be with them in Doncaster until Thursday and can’t wait to fellowship, learn and glean as much as I can from this crew of experienced planters and gospel practitioners.

I’d value your prayers for my time at Ignition as I don’t want to go and just make up the numbers. I’m going because I genuinely believe that Ignition is timely and immensely significant for what we’re doing with New Breed/Acts 29 and the planting of gospel proclaiming churches in Wales. I’d also value your prayers for my family as it’s the first time I’ll have left them overnight since the twins were born. Praise God for Shel’s mum who’s staying with them, and thank God for the saints of Hill City who are cooking meals for them all while I’m away!

May God use Ignition to ignite fresh passion and a purpose in my heart for His glory here in Wales.

One thought on “Off To Donny To Get Ignited

  1. hi Dai, I wish you a safe journey both ways. I hope you find it progressive, while it maybe vital to plant new churches and missionaries do provide other necessary item, i think you should be discussing why so many churches elsewhere have failed,while smaller churches struggle against the mega ones. The priority should also be how to get the community back to the local churches that are declining, as many hesitate to attend for fear of getting roped in to church activities as they are too busy, and have other commitments. Above all, they see no real point in getting involved, most who believe they are religious don’t believe a person can only be saved through Jesus, and maybe thinking what is so important about Christianity?
    So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow….1 corinthians 3-7….I am certain that God will be keeping his eye on the family, i wish you well cu Al.

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