Banksy Wednesday 24thNov2k10

Just a light-hearted Banksy piece to put a smile on your chops while I’m away in Doncaster.

Gotta love grannies!!

2 thoughts on “Banksy Wednesday 24thNov2k10

  1. I have a (very) minor claim to fame …

    I met Banksy before he was famous. He was doing a ‘piece’ near where I used to live, and his friend asked me what I thought of what he was doing. If I remember correctly I think I said a fairly disparaging ‘its alright’ – whilst thinking it wasn’t that good.

    He then went onto to do his famous stencils allover the place, before he moved to London and the rest is history.

  2. Hey Dai,

    You still ok for Leckwith (cardiff) at 6pm this coming Sunday (28th Nov) ?

    Maybe you could call/text me on 07977181933.



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