Month: December 2010

The Rant Reviewed – 2010

I know it’s a bit geeky, but as 2010 draws to a close I thought I’d knock out a quick post to review the last 12 months of the Sanctified Rant. In short, it’s been a pretty epic year.


Firstly, twice as many people have visited the Rant this year compared to 2009.

  • 2009 – 12,687
  • 2010 – 25,501

I’m quite sure that for prolific bloggers that’s a pretty small number of people, but for a small-time amateur like me, I’m pretty blown away! Why an average 72 people per day bother stopping by is anyone’s guess – but apparently they do – and you’re one of them! So thanks very much for the interest and support!


Here’s the 10 posts that generated the most interest in 2010:

  1. To Ouagadougou in the name of Compassion – This was my most popular post by an absolute mile this year. It was posted while me and James were on our mission trip to Burkina Faso in January, and such was the excitement back home at Hill City I can only assume that people were sat there pressing ‘refresh’ all day!
  2. These Words – Posted on Boxing day 2009, this was a simple entry that contained the words to a poem I wrote to put in the Bible I had given Michelle for Christmas.
  3. About Dai – I’m thinking quite a few people stumbled across the Rant by accident and clicked on the ‘About Dai’ page cos they wanted to know who the dickens I am!
  4. Trevolution Successfully Launched – I’ve got a theory on why this post was so popular. Basically it contains an image called ‘Trevolution grunge logo’ and I think people who have googled ‘grunge logo’ end up here! I’m going to change the name of the image and see what happens!
  5. Planting a church on the Rock of Desolation – Without doubt my most controversial post! It’s the one in which (via sketchy iPhone video) I announced Hill City’s plans to plant a church on Garndiffaith next year. What followed was 25 comments (not all positive) making it my most commented on post to date!
  6. Grace 7 – Rage Removal – The final part of my Grace That Shines In The Dark series, written after mam died last year.
  7. Satisfied Saviourr – Reflections on the passion of Jesus Christ, written on Good Friday last year.
  8. A Beautiful Day Intro – I posted the first draft of my introduction for one of the books I’m writing. Apparently it was quite a popular read!
  9. Prayer Week – Post that gave details for our week of prayer back in January.
  10. Music – The page that profiles some of the music I’ve written over the years – from worship to grime.


Here’s the top 10 websites that have pointed people to the Sanctified Rant:

  1. Hill City Church – The link on Hill City’s homepage attracted 4,931 hits to the Rant in 2010! That’s nuts!
  2. Twitter – Second on the hit list is Twitter, bringing in 774 hits.
  3. Saint Beagle – Loving that my mate Sammy Davies’ blog is 3rd on the hit-list! (Respect bruv!)
  4. Facebook – I’m not even on facebook – so can’t really explian that one!
  5. Google – Good ole Google – the muvva of all search engines!
  6. Bloglines – Don’t even know what this site is – but thanks to them anyway!!
  7. NewBreed – Glad to see that the New Breed blog is generating traffic for the Rant.
  8. Fotidzo – Big up to my mate Larry who’s buzzin little blog is also sending visitors my way (thanks bredrin!)
  9. WordPress – Loving that ‘mum’ (WordPress) still talks about her little boy – (Sanctified Rant) and sends people to visit!
  10. Google Reader – Never heard of this one either…


There’s loads of links and buttons to click on the Rant’s homepage. Here’s the 10 that got clicked most often:

  1. Dai on Twitter
  2. Hill City Church
  3. New Breed
  4. Adrian Warnock
  5. Argus Article about my DJing/church planting adventure
  6. Gary Smith’s Blog
  7. Sovereign Grace Church Merthyr
  8. Very Random Thoughts
  9. Nigel James
  10. Dai Woolridge


It seems that people have been typing all sorts into Google, Yahoo etc. and ending up at the Sanctified Rant. Here’s the top 3:

  1. “Lonely” – The most popular term. I’m not sure why it’s proved such a popular portal, though it may related to a post I did earlier in the year that refers to loneliness statistics. Whatever the reason, I’m probably going to respond to this statistic in 2011 by writing a proper post about the gospel’s answer to loneliness. Watch out for it…
  2. “Burkina Faso” – This one makes a lot more sense as this year I’ve blogged A LOT about Hill City’s partner church in Burkina Faso. I guess Google picked up on it!
  3. “Sanctified Rant” – Nice that some people know the blog by name and when they type it into a search engine – they end up at their desired destination!

So there you have it!

Hope that wasn’t too geeky for you!

Coming soon on the Rant – Hill City Church Reflections 2010. Stay tuned…

Sanctified Rant Gets A Face-Lift

Everyone else got loads of pressies yesterday, so I thought I’d spread the festive generosity and give the ole blog a face-lift for Christmas! Nothing particularly radical – just a few tweaks here and there! The new theme is called ‘Elegant Grunge’ (whatever the dickens that means!!) Let me know what you think.

Ho-ho-hope you like it!

Christmas Blessinz!

A quick video that me (and my little Princess) wanted to share with all those who are bored/intrigued/stupid/supportive (delete as appropriate) enough to read/watch/endure/enjoy my bonkers blog. Praying you have a fantastic Christmas and that you’ll know God’s presence and joy at this time.

Christmas blessinz be upon thee and thine…

Met Her Before

God has blessed His church with such beautiful and diverse gifts.

It never ceases to amaze me how many saints are out there who are just getting on with the business of loving Christ and using their gifts for His glory. With that in mind, check out this video that Michelle found on YouTube this week. [verb]swish is an urban poet whose blatant talent is there for all to see. However, he clearly loves Jesus too! The way in which he teaches the gospel in a creative, compelling, yet clear way really is truly remarkable.

Hope you agree!

Snow Survival Guide For Saints

Well we’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas for years and at long last, it would appear that our dreams have come true – it’s very cold and white out there right now! However, it would seem that for many out there on the the icy, snow-capped streets of the UK, the snow is proving to be more of a nightmare than the stuff of dreams. As planes, trains and automobiles grind to a halt, many are facing the very real prospect of spending Christmas apart from their families. Similarly, as people opt for staying indoors rather than venturing out to the shops, the pubs, or even work, it seems that the economy has taken a real kicking too, as numerous parties have been cancelled and many have not been able to purchase all the presents they would like to have bought for their loved ones.

Furthermore, even local churches (including my own) have had to cancel carol services and outreach events during a season when we expect to really be able to serve and engage with our communities.

It’s been tough for sure, but I don’t want to join ranks with all the moaners out there (even though my kids are going stir crazy being cooped up in the house for days on end!) No, I still love the snow! And while it seems that everyone else is having a good ole gripe about the winter weather, I’ve decided that as a follower of God (who is both sovereign and good) I should try to respond appropriately in a positive and godly way.

So for what it’s worth, here’s my Snow Survival Guide For Saints:

White As Snow

I love the snow. Always have done. I appreciate that for
many it’s annoying, problematic and unwelcome, but for me – I can’t
get enough of the stuff! Anyway, a combination of the fluffy white
stuff, coupled with ill health, led to us cancelling our Christmas
Family Service last Sunday, which I was genuinely gutted about.
However, rather than get vexed by the snow, I thought I’d go out
and shoot a quick little video on my iPhone to explain why I love
the snow. Basically, it reminds me of the beauty of the gospel. The
video is a bit sketchy and Boaz (my dog) who was with me decided to
whine and whimper at different points, but I hope it blesses you
and helps you to further appreciate both the snow and the gospel of
grace. Let me know what you think…

Banksy Wednesday 15thDec2k10

Go on…you thought I’d forgotten didn’t you?!

OK, well I guess I kinda did! However, better late than never, here’s this Wednesday’s Banksy. Hope it has the desired effect of making you scratch your head and ask yourself: “hmm…what the dickens does this actually mean?”

As usual, feel free to post your comments.


Sammy’s Back!

One of my favourite Christian rap artists is Sammy G – a ridiculously talented grime emcee who hails from Birmingham. Having met him in person, I can safely say that his considerable lyrical talent is surpassed by his humility, his integrity and his love for Jesus and the Bible. There’s very few guys out there who could possess talent like Sammy and not strut round like they know it! But he’s not like that and I give him huge props for it!

Anyway, over the last year it seemed that Sammy had totally fallen off the grid, so I thought perhaps he’d turned his back on the whole gospel grime thing and moved on to something new. Turns out it wasn’t the end of the road, more an extended sabbatical! So I was straight up buzzin tonight when I stumbled across this Gospel Cypher vid on YouTube.

Truth is, I felt like giving up emceeing after hearing the bars he was spitting in the first part of the video – it’s just another level! But I was also really encouraged by the wisdom and blatant love for Christ he expresses in the second half of the vid.

I appreciate it might not be everyone’s bag, but it blessed me, so I thought I’d share it anyway: