Baptisms 2010 – Video Celebration

I’ve knocked together a little video to commemorate the Hill City Baptisms 2010 service last Saturday. The footage was captured on my iPhone (thanks Hannah) and as you’ll soon realise – I’m no video whizz. However, I didn’t make the video to win as Oscar, I just wanted to capture something of the immense joy that we all experienced that night as we baptised Allan, Margaret, Donna and Nicole.

Hopefully it succeeds in doing that.

Hope it’s a blessing to you…

5 thoughts on “Baptisms 2010 – Video Celebration

  1. They all are beamimg as they come out of the water,rays of sunshine.
    Let them that love him be as the sun when he goeth forth in his might……..Jude. 5-31

  2. Hi, notice i have Jude 5-31 it is of course…. Judges 5-31.
    In full…So may all your enemies perish, LORD let them that love him be as the sun when he goeth forth in his might, then the land had peace forty years.

  3. I just been listening to the verbal testimonies you can find under Media (testimonies)…………Thanks you for sharing.
    God created us as unique individual,and we have different events in our lives and the people we encounter along the way, so each testimony is also unique and tells it own story. The Lord has allowed them too follow the path they did before became Christians so that they would recognise Him at some point during the road to salvation….whoever acknowleges me before others,the Son of man will also acknowlege before the Angles of God…..Luke..12-8

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