Sammy’s Back!

One of my favourite Christian rap artists is Sammy G – a ridiculously talented grime emcee who hails from Birmingham. Having met him in person, I can safely say that his considerable lyrical talent is surpassed by his humility, his integrity and his love for Jesus and the Bible. There’s very few guys out there who could possess talent like Sammy and not strut round like they know it! But he’s not like that and I give him huge props for it!

Anyway, over the last year it seemed that Sammy had totally fallen off the grid, so I thought perhaps he’d turned his back on the whole gospel grime thing and moved on to something new. Turns out it wasn’t the end of the road, more an extended sabbatical! So I was straight up buzzin tonight when I stumbled across this Gospel Cypher vid on YouTube.

Truth is, I felt like giving up emceeing after hearing the bars he was spitting in the first part of the video – it’s just another level! But I was also really encouraged by the wisdom and blatant love for Christ he expresses in the second half of the vid.

I appreciate it might not be everyone’s bag, but it blessed me, so I thought I’d share it anyway:

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