Month: January 2011


My last visit to a recording studio was back in 2009.

However, I’m still getting regularly stopped by the kids on the estate who ask me to rap for them and also enquire when my next CD is coming out! Well enough’s enough so I thought it was about time I got back on the mic and recorded a new project. Therefore on Saturday I travelled up to Hit Factory Studio in Birmingham to spend the day with my producer/friend Vision and record some new tracks. It was a productive session and the end product is TWO ROADS EP that essentially consists of 2 grime tracks and 2 accapella tracks.

As I type they are probably getting mixed and mastered. As soon as they’re back I’ll be posting them online to make them available for free download. I’ll also be burning off a bunch of CDs to give away to all the local youths, as well as at various youth events, prisons etc. that I get the privilege to rap at.

Stay tuned…

Wing Mirror

Are you living for the moment with joy and stepping into the future with hope? Or has your past got you shackled? If it’s the latter, maybe you’ve been looking into the wing mirror for too long…

Wrecked in the Valleys

Apologies that the Rant has been somewhat quiet of late – I’ve been kinda busy! Last Monday 4 fantastic Americans arrived in Wales with a view to coming over to plant churches with New Breed. Therefore I spent most of last week as their tour guide, cultural commentator, missional visionary…and also just their friend! They’ve been such good company – a real joy to hang out with and a real blessing to myself, my family and Hill City Church.

However, it hasn’t been the easiest 7 days days of my life…far from it!


Are you One of the Hundred?

Are you one of the hundred?

I’d love you to be!

What am I on about?

OK, here’s the deal…

Over the last 12 months or so, we as a church have had the privilege of partnering with our brothers and sisters in Burkina Faso in multiple ways. To date we have sponsored over 30 children in Compassion project BF201 (a phenomenal achievement for a small church on a deprived council estate).

More recently, we raised £1,133.30 that has provided mosquito nets for every one of the 120+ children (and their families) at BF201.

We also raised a further £839 that will provide playground equipment for the children who have previously only had a dusty yard to play in!

It really is remarkable just how much has been achieved in such a short space of time. However, we’re not the sort of church that lets complacency set in…

So the bar just got raised again!

Get ready for 6 MASSIVE MONTHS!

Our next challenge is to raise the small matter of £25,866 for the construction of 5 new classroom facilities at Compassion project BF201 (read more here). What’s more, we need to find that amount by the end of June! In many ways even attempting to reach this target seems utterly ridiculous – there’s no way that a small church like ours can find that kind of money. However, we are firm believers that our extremities are perfect opportunities for God to flex His miracle muscles and blow us all away with His provision!

My own contribution to the fund-raising drive (as well as a 24hour sponsored DJ set later in the year) is the 21CLUB.

The 21CLUB is for people who are willing to make a 6-month-long commitment to contribute £21.00 per month towards the classrooms. We are looking for 100 people to rise to the challenge and join the 21CLUB. Together, 100 people would raise an incredible £12,600 – almost half of the total we’re aiming for (more with gift aid!)

Could you be one of the 100?

I appreciate that Christmas has just been and that we’re in a recession, but if there was any way that you could stand with us in this it’d mean SO MUCH to some of the world’s poorest children in Burkina Faso!! I want to personally guarantee you that every single penny will go to the construction project and we will not keep any for ourselves.

Thank you for considering this, and if you’re up for it:


God bless.

(Please post a comment or email me at and I’ll get the forms to you).

Gentle, Special, Beautiful…and so much more!

Today is Michelle’s 30th birthday. I sincerely thank God for this sensational woman and for blessing me with the joy of sharing life with her as her husband. She’s been my soul mate, best friend, companion and co-adventurer for her last 10 birthdays now and I can honestly say hand-on-heart that she’s more precious to me than ever and my love for her has only grown deeper and stronger. She’s not only a phenomenal wife but a wonderful mother and our kids absolutely adore her too.

However, while me and the kids enjoy the gift of life everyday with Michelle, there are so many others whose lives she has touched over the years – which prompted me to think of a creative gift for her 30th birthday that would bless her heart and make her cry (good tears!) What I came up with was rinsing her address book and texting pretty much everyone she knows and asking them to give the one word that they most attribute to Michelle with a view to making a card out of all the words. It was all very last minute (as is my custom) yet so many responded with a multitude of words (and a few mini essays!) that it was quite literally overwhelming (my iPhone almost went into meltdown!!)

She’s clearly loved by A LOT of people!!

The image above is what I eventually came up with for the card. (Yes it did make her cry good tears!!) However, words are still flooding in now, so there’s a little insert that I’m having to work on to include them too! Therefore, if you didn’t get a text off me but would still like to bless Michelle by submitting a word(s) then please leave a comment below.

The top 3 words that came back to describe Michelle were gentle, special and beautiful.

She is definitely all of those things…and so much more!

Happy birthday babes!

I love you.

Prayer Week Day 4 – Burkina Faso

Post by Helen Leek – one of our Compassion Team at Hill City

One God – one Goal!

God has blessed us with a crazy opportunity to bless our precious children in Burkina Faso and bring great glory to Him by meeting a seemingly impossible target of £25K in 6 months. I believe the only way we are going to achieve this is to be sticking very closely to God’s agenda and so my prayer for us this week is that everyone involved in this African adventure would be tuned in to God’s plan for the playground and the classroom.

  • Pray that the Holy spirit would keep us inspired and enthusiastic in our fundraising efforts and that we will be granted the wisdom to discern which ideas are the fruitful ones to follow.
  • Pray for the staff on the ground in BF and the administrators at compassion and thank God for their tireless efforts in helping the children and their families. I pray that 2011 will be a year when they get the joy of seeing many souls won for Jesus.
  • Finally, I would like us to pray for our sponsor children: Lolo, Rebecca, Yenouboua, Abibatou, Maria, Aminata, Fati, Sirina, Dalia, Matini, Adiaratou, Danielle, Hassan, Yvette, Prisca, Karelle, Aida, Arnold, Catherine, Franck, Fortujne, Seraphine, Camille, Juliette, Cheque, Christia, Ulrich, Hyacinthe, Salamata and the 2 Erics.
  • We pray for God’s protection for them and their families and pray that those who do not yet know the Lord Jesus will meet with Him in 20011.

Prayer Week Day 3 – Trevethin

OK so we’ve prayed for the youth, we’ve prayed for the Garn church plant and tomorrow we’ll be praying for Burkina Faso, but it just wouldn’t be appropriate to have a week of prayer and not pray for the community that we are primarily here to serve – Trevethin. There is so much that I love about this estate, so much to thank God for, but still so much to be pleading with God for.

So let’s start with that praise stuff, then move onto the please stuff:


  • For Hill City Church. It’s been 3 epic years and despite considerable challenges and against overwhelming odds we are still standing, shining and faith is tangibly rising for BIG things in 2011.
  • For the beautiful things about Trevethin – the stunning scenery, the friendly people etc.
  • For the people from this community who have come to faith in Jesus and become part of our church family.
  • For the countless others from Trevethin who we have had (and continue to have) the opportunity to come alongside, to befriend and to serve.
  • For the way that Hill City has been accepted as part of the community and the privilege of being at the heart of several community initiatives, not least the fantastic Central Park project!


  • Open doors for us to meet and minister to the lost, the lonely, the broken, the addicted, the sinful and the sick.
  • Give grace and strength to our new believers to live for Jesus in this tough context.
  • Grant wisdom to the church leaders as they continue to serve and lead this young church.
  • Bless us with more salvation, more transformation and more reasons to worship you.
  • Give us favour with the powers-that-be and release ‘The Hub’ to us (a building at the heart of the community that we would are wanting to convert into a centre for ministry including a community lounge and church office).

There’s so much more that we could ask for prayer about – but that should keep us going for the day.

Thanks so much for standing with us.

Prayer Week Day 2 – Garndiffaith

(Post by James Richards, Co-Pastor of Hill City Church)

Just in case you’d missed it, one of the ridiculously massive things that we’re looking at with Hill City this year is planting a new church in Garndiffaith. (You can read/watch more about it here!)

Today, our prayer focus is on the Garn community and the challenge/adventure of planting a church up there this year. Here are some helpful points to guide your prayers, courtesy of my good friend and co-pastor, James Richards:

1) Please pray for all the team who are going to be involved in the plant. Pray that the Lord would grant them:

a) Clear guidance in all they do.
b) A unity in the faith.
c) Protection for their families.
d) A closeness to Himself and a love for Jesus.
e) The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in all their lives working through them.

2) Please pray for the people of Garndiffaith:

a) That God would prepare the way for people to be receptive to the Gospel.
b) That relationships would be built between the team and the community.
c) That they would have a positive ‘inquisitiveness’ as to what this new ‘church thing’ is all about.

3) Please pray for Salvation and the Glory of God to reign in the Garn, that people would love Jesus Christ more than anything or anyone else.

4) Please pray for practical guidance as to when/where/how the plant will start.

Thank you for your prayers we eternally appreciate them.

Prayer Week Day 1 – Trevolution

(Post by Lois Nelson, Trevolution Team Leader)

Trevolution is Hill City’s weekly youth group in Trevethin. It has been running for nearly two years now, and it’s been AMAZING to see God at work in the club! Since starting the club, we’ve seen strong relationships built and great relational platforms for the Gospel
established. Young people have heard the Gospel on a weekly basis as they’ve chosen to stay behind for our optional Gospel talk, and they’ve asked questions and begun seeking the truth for themselves. Youths that initially would leave as soon as the official club ended, acting hostile to the subsequent talk, have since chosen to stay and listened to what was being said. Many who thought Jesus was just a fictional character or a swear-word, have heard the Gospel and have become more receptive to hearing from God’s word and the truth that we, as leaders, live for. We’ve been able to support them through issues, offering prayer and show God’s love to them, when so many would just shout them down.

Over the last few months we’ve been running various workshops each week. The young people have really enjoyed the activities ranging from drum workshops to break dancing sessions and have engaged with those leading the sessions, hearing of how their lives have been transformed by Christ.

Although that’s been an INCREDIBLE journey, and a privilege to watch, we’re not happy to sit back and think that’s it. We don’t want a youth group of kids that are happy to hear some stuff, but not allow it to utterly transform their lives. We’re desperate to see God move in such a way that the young people we work with are eventually sent out, to make disciples for the kingdom across the world! So please would you join with us in prayer, asking that the seed sown on a weekly basis would take root and flourish…that the knowledge many of the young people have in their heads, would become heart knowledge and ultimately, that we would see disciples sold out for the Gospel, being raised up!

We also want to praise God for the team! At the moment we have a group of people from the church and students from Revive at Cardiff University who give up their Monday nights, free of charge- something that always shocks the young people!!- and sacrificially serve the youth of Trevethin. The club couldn’t run without these absolute LEGENDS, so please would you join with us in thanking God for them, and ask that He would bless them as they serve. Pray also that He would provide more team members as those with us now move on and that the team would always be unified and joyful as we work together. May the team always be faithful and true to the Gospel, giving Christ the supremacy in ALL things!

Finally, and I guess as two more specific prayers, would you please pray for the guys and girls? For the girls, please pray that they would learn of how precious they are in God’s eyes and not seek approval and acceptance from men and this world. Please pray that they would be able to stand against the men that take advantage and realise that the way that they are often treated is unacceptable and that they are worth so much more. May they each come to know the love their Father in heaven has for them, and learn of how they have been fearfully and wonderfully made.

And for the guys, please would you pray that they they too would realise that they don’t need to seek satisfaction from the things of this world, but that there is so much more to life. Pray that they’d realise how they should treat the girls and that they wouldn’t feel they had to conform to the negative attitudes and examples often set by those older than them but realise that God wants to offer them true life, abundantly better than the emptiness this world can offer.

So there you go. In short, please pray for:

  • Salvation
  • The team
  • The young people: Guys and Girls

Thanks so much!