Prayer Week Day 1 – Trevolution

(Post by Lois Nelson, Trevolution Team Leader)

Trevolution is Hill City’s weekly youth group in Trevethin. It has been running for nearly two years now, and it’s been AMAZING to see God at work in the club! Since starting the club, we’ve seen strong relationships built and great relational platforms for the Gospel
established. Young people have heard the Gospel on a weekly basis as they’ve chosen to stay behind for our optional Gospel talk, and they’ve asked questions and begun seeking the truth for themselves. Youths that initially would leave as soon as the official club ended, acting hostile to the subsequent talk, have since chosen to stay and listened to what was being said. Many who thought Jesus was just a fictional character or a swear-word, have heard the Gospel and have become more receptive to hearing from God’s word and the truth that we, as leaders, live for. We’ve been able to support them through issues, offering prayer and show God’s love to them, when so many would just shout them down.

Over the last few months we’ve been running various workshops each week. The young people have really enjoyed the activities ranging from drum workshops to break dancing sessions and have engaged with those leading the sessions, hearing of how their lives have been transformed by Christ.

Although that’s been an INCREDIBLE journey, and a privilege to watch, we’re not happy to sit back and think that’s it. We don’t want a youth group of kids that are happy to hear some stuff, but not allow it to utterly transform their lives. We’re desperate to see God move in such a way that the young people we work with are eventually sent out, to make disciples for the kingdom across the world! So please would you join with us in prayer, asking that the seed sown on a weekly basis would take root and flourish…that the knowledge many of the young people have in their heads, would become heart knowledge and ultimately, that we would see disciples sold out for the Gospel, being raised up!

We also want to praise God for the team! At the moment we have a group of people from the church and students from Revive at Cardiff University who give up their Monday nights, free of charge- something that always shocks the young people!!- and sacrificially serve the youth of Trevethin. The club couldn’t run without these absolute LEGENDS, so please would you join with us in thanking God for them, and ask that He would bless them as they serve. Pray also that He would provide more team members as those with us now move on and that the team would always be unified and joyful as we work together. May the team always be faithful and true to the Gospel, giving Christ the supremacy in ALL things!

Finally, and I guess as two more specific prayers, would you please pray for the guys and girls? For the girls, please pray that they would learn of how precious they are in God’s eyes and not seek approval and acceptance from men and this world. Please pray that they would be able to stand against the men that take advantage and realise that the way that they are often treated is unacceptable and that they are worth so much more. May they each come to know the love their Father in heaven has for them, and learn of how they have been fearfully and wonderfully made.

And for the guys, please would you pray that they they too would realise that they don’t need to seek satisfaction from the things of this world, but that there is so much more to life. Pray that they’d realise how they should treat the girls and that they wouldn’t feel they had to conform to the negative attitudes and examples often set by those older than them but realise that God wants to offer them true life, abundantly better than the emptiness this world can offer.

So there you go. In short, please pray for:

  • Salvation
  • The team
  • The young people: Guys and Girls

Thanks so much!

3 thoughts on “Prayer Week Day 1 – Trevolution

  1. Karen: Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement. It means a lot.

    Zach: Bruv – seriously buzzin’ bout next week – it’s gonna be a lot!!

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