Prayer Week Day 2 – Garndiffaith

(Post by James Richards, Co-Pastor of Hill City Church)

Just in case you’d missed it, one of the ridiculously massive things that we’re looking at with Hill City this year is planting a new church in Garndiffaith. (You can read/watch more about it here!)

Today, our prayer focus is on the Garn community and the challenge/adventure of planting a church up there this year. Here are some helpful points to guide your prayers, courtesy of my good friend and co-pastor, James Richards:

1) Please pray for all the team who are going to be involved in the plant. Pray that the Lord would grant them:

a) Clear guidance in all they do.
b) A unity in the faith.
c) Protection for their families.
d) A closeness to Himself and a love for Jesus.
e) The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in all their lives working through them.

2) Please pray for the people of Garndiffaith:

a) That God would prepare the way for people to be receptive to the Gospel.
b) That relationships would be built between the team and the community.
c) That they would have a positive ‘inquisitiveness’ as to what this new ‘church thing’ is all about.

3) Please pray for Salvation and the Glory of God to reign in the Garn, that people would love Jesus Christ more than anything or anyone else.

4) Please pray for practical guidance as to when/where/how the plant will start.

Thank you for your prayers we eternally appreciate them.

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