Prayer Week Day 3 – Trevethin

OK so we’ve prayed for the youth, we’ve prayed for the Garn church plant and tomorrow we’ll be praying for Burkina Faso, but it just wouldn’t be appropriate to have a week of prayer and not pray for the community that we are primarily here to serve – Trevethin. There is so much that I love about this estate, so much to thank God for, but still so much to be pleading with God for.

So let’s start with that praise stuff, then move onto the please stuff:


  • For Hill City Church. It’s been 3 epic years and despite considerable challenges and against overwhelming odds we are still standing, shining and faith is tangibly rising for BIG things in 2011.
  • For the beautiful things about Trevethin – the stunning scenery, the friendly people etc.
  • For the people from this community who have come to faith in Jesus and become part of our church family.
  • For the countless others from Trevethin who we have had (and continue to have) the opportunity to come alongside, to befriend and to serve.
  • For the way that Hill City has been accepted as part of the community and the privilege of being at the heart of several community initiatives, not least the fantastic Central Park project!


  • Open doors for us to meet and minister to the lost, the lonely, the broken, the addicted, the sinful and the sick.
  • Give grace and strength to our new believers to live for Jesus in this tough context.
  • Grant wisdom to the church leaders as they continue to serve and lead this young church.
  • Bless us with more salvation, more transformation and more reasons to worship you.
  • Give us favour with the powers-that-be and release ‘The Hub’ to us (a building at the heart of the community that we would are wanting to convert into a centre for ministry including a community lounge and church office).

There’s so much more that we could ask for prayer about – but that should keep us going for the day.

Thanks so much for standing with us.

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