Gentle, Special, Beautiful…and so much more!

Today is Michelle’s 30th birthday. I sincerely thank God for this sensational woman and for blessing me with the joy of sharing life with her as her husband. She’s been my soul mate, best friend, companion and co-adventurer for her last 10 birthdays now and I can honestly say hand-on-heart that she’s more precious to me than ever and my love for her has only grown deeper and stronger. She’s not only a phenomenal wife but a wonderful mother and our kids absolutely adore her too.

However, while me and the kids enjoy the gift of life everyday with Michelle, there are so many others whose lives she has touched over the years Рwhich prompted me to think of a creative gift for her 30th birthday that would bless her heart and make her cry (good tears!) What I came up with was rinsing her address book and texting pretty much everyone she knows and asking them to give the one word that they most attribute to Michelle with a view to making a card out of all the words. It was all very last minute (as is my custom) yet so many responded with a multitude of words (and a few mini essays!) that it was quite literally overwhelming (my iPhone almost went into meltdown!!)

She’s clearly loved by A LOT of people!!

The image above is what I eventually came up with for the card. (Yes it did make her cry good tears!!) However, words are still flooding in now, so there’s a little insert that I’m having to work on to include them too! Therefore, if you didn’t get a text off me but would still like to bless Michelle by submitting a word(s) then please leave a comment below.

The top 3 words that came back to describe Michelle were gentle, special and beautiful.

She is definitely all of those things…and so much more!

Happy birthday babes!

I love you.

4 thoughts on “Gentle, Special, Beautiful…and so much more!

  1. Yes Michelle – you are very dearly and deeply loved … which we think is easy to do because you are indeed “Gentle, Special and very Beautiful!”

    lots of love to you all x

  2. Hi Dai both myself and Margaret loved the card.
    Michelle the Lord won’t ask how many friends you had.
    He’ll will ask how many people to whom you were a friend and that card speaks for you.Al/Margaret

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