Prayer Week Day 4 – Burkina Faso

Post by Helen Leek – one of our Compassion Team at Hill City

One God – one Goal!

God has blessed us with a crazy opportunity to bless our precious children in Burkina Faso and bring great glory to Him by meeting a seemingly impossible target of £25K in 6 months. I believe the only way we are going to achieve this is to be sticking very closely to God’s agenda and so my prayer for us this week is that everyone involved in this African adventure would be tuned in to God’s plan for the playground and the classroom.

  • Pray that the Holy spirit would keep us inspired and enthusiastic in our fundraising efforts and that we will be granted the wisdom to discern which ideas are the fruitful ones to follow.
  • Pray for the staff on the ground in BF and the administrators at compassion and thank God for their tireless efforts in helping the children and their families. I pray that 2011 will be a year when they get the joy of seeing many souls won for Jesus.
  • Finally, I would like us to pray for our sponsor children: Lolo, Rebecca, Yenouboua, Abibatou, Maria, Aminata, Fati, Sirina, Dalia, Matini, Adiaratou, Danielle, Hassan, Yvette, Prisca, Karelle, Aida, Arnold, Catherine, Franck, Fortujne, Seraphine, Camille, Juliette, Cheque, Christia, Ulrich, Hyacinthe, Salamata and the 2 Erics.
  • We pray for God’s protection for them and their families and pray that those who do not yet know the Lord Jesus will meet with Him in 20011.

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