Are you One of the Hundred?

Are you one of the hundred?

I’d love you to be!

What am I on about?

OK, here’s the deal…

Over the last 12 months or so, we as a church have had the privilege of partnering with our brothers and sisters in Burkina Faso in multiple ways. To date we have sponsored over 30 children in Compassion project BF201 (a phenomenal achievement for a small church on a deprived council estate).

More recently, we raised £1,133.30 that has provided mosquito nets for every one of the 120+ children (and their families) at BF201.

We also raised a further £839 that will provide playground equipment for the children who have previously only had a dusty yard to play in!

It really is remarkable just how much has been achieved in such a short space of time. However, we’re not the sort of church that lets complacency set in…

So the bar just got raised again!

Get ready for 6 MASSIVE MONTHS!

Our next challenge is to raise the small matter of £25,866 for the construction of 5 new classroom facilities at Compassion project BF201 (read more here). What’s more, we need to find that amount by the end of June! In many ways even attempting to reach this target seems utterly ridiculous – there’s no way that a small church like ours can find that kind of money. However, we are firm believers that our extremities are perfect opportunities for God to flex His miracle muscles and blow us all away with His provision!

My own contribution to the fund-raising drive (as well as a 24hour sponsored DJ set later in the year) is the 21CLUB.

The 21CLUB is for people who are willing to make a 6-month-long commitment to contribute £21.00 per month towards the classrooms. We are looking for 100 people to rise to the challenge and join the 21CLUB. Together, 100 people would raise an incredible £12,600 – almost half of the total we’re aiming for (more with gift aid!)

Could you be one of the 100?

I appreciate that Christmas has just been and that we’re in a recession, but if there was any way that you could stand with us in this it’d mean SO MUCH to some of the world’s poorest children in Burkina Faso!! I want to personally guarantee you that every single penny will go to the construction project and we will not keep any for ourselves.

Thank you for considering this, and if you’re up for it:


God bless.

(Please post a comment or email me at and I’ll get the forms to you).

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