Revive Us Again!

Something I just had to get off my chest recently…

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  1. Amen to that! Praying deeply for the welsh valleys, been on my heart for some years. SO good to see your godly zeal and desire for this area, praying other men would be given the same burden you have and would plant churches there.
    Praying for you also as a family that God would protect you from any attacks from the devil, and that He would use the desire you have for His glory.

  2. Hi Dai, very passionate speech, but correct regarding welsh churches closing down.
    Do hope someone out there is any thing to hard for the Lord..gen 18-14
    Because they have no roots they withered away..Matthew 13-6.

  3. Dai, it ain’t gonna happen. If your god was real and that was the plan and your work was part of that plan it would already be so. Or the devil has more power than god? Remember God is supposed to be all powerful all knowing all loving so why are you stood on the side of a valley praying with all your heart that God change things? The fact that your doing that to a very small online audience shows that IF there is a god He/She/It is none of those things. Besides what you want is so insignificant to what is going on in other parts of the world and nothings changing there also.
    I’d find another hobby if I was you and put your rescources into something more productive something that has an outcome.

  4. @Gareth – Nothing gold can stay. There is no “more productive” in this world. In California there are trees that have stood 2700 years yet when they fall they’ll just have been a blip in the face of eternity. If the dead are not raised there truly is no hope, so don’t say silly things like “find another hobby”, because your hobby, like you and I, will fade away in a few mere moments.

  5. Steve
    Your either Ignoring the point that if there was such a being, God -all knowing all loving all powerful – or youve missed it.
    If such a being as your god existed then there wouldn’t be such a need in the Welsh Valleys. Dia wouldn’t be so distraught in what he’s seen lately and so desperate for prayer. A being with such attributes, by definition wouldn’t create such a Universe. And before you through the “Original Sin” argument that too begs the attributes of such a being!
    As for you saying my comment is “silly” well that’s just silly. Your claim without any evidence whatsoever that we will all one day be raised from the dead, that’s “silly”. There has been over 2000 gods created by mans imagination and I would have thought that you think the vast majority of those and the traditions they follow are “silly” for the same reasons why I think yours are.
    I know for sure one thing, I am alive (atleast as far as it is possible to know that) and by using up so much of my time and energy on projects that do not work or have no grounds to prove they work is counter productive.
    There is plenty of hope and plenty of things to hope for without holding onto fantasies of a man on a white horse coming down to send all the “bad people” (people who don’t believe in a man coming to Earth on a flying horse) to burn in Hell for all of eternity.

  6. Gareth

    Bruv, I genuinely don’t understand why you still feel the need to keep coming back and stirring things up! We’ve already established that I’m a sadly deluded, manipulative Christian freak who’s wasting his time on a little mountain, talking to a non-existent God about the insignificant problems here in the valleys.

    Obviously I’m not going to quit my hobby cos my hobby saved my life and obviously I’ve got nothing better to do with my life, so why do you still keep bugging me? Seriously, I don’t bug you. I leave you alone I don’t go round posting negative or poisonous comments on your Twitter, your blog or indeed the blogs of any people whose views I disagree with. So why do you? Is taking veiled, pixelated potshots at people whose beliefs I object to the kind of ‘something productive’ that you suggest I pour my time and resource into? Sorry bruv, I think talking to a non-existent God on top of a mountain is actually a less negative and therefore far more positive use of my time than that!

    Thing is, my God is real. I’ve tried several times and in multiple ways to explain the gospel to you. I’ve even offered to meet you for coffee – but you’re not up for that either. Rather you start making demeaning comments about the way I parent on Twitter, which prompted me to ask you to just leave me and my family alone. Which you still don’t seem to understand. You don’t believe the gospel – I still respect you. But please, don’t bring your negativity over onto this blog. This page isn’t an appropriate forum for this kind of conversation. A coffee shop is – but we’ve been there haven’t we…

    I also deleted that link off your comment – I don’t want people to be pointed towards untruth from my blog.

    Still praying to my non-existet God for your soul!

  7. I do it because I care about my fellow human being (you in this case), I do it because I live in the same area and want the people your preaching to to have a fair forum. I do it because I don’t want people being pointed to the “untruth” that there is a man watching over us and answers our prayers. You only believe that I’m doing something demeaning because you wrongly believe that if someone tells you your believes -which you make public- don’t make sense, or are counter productive. I’m actually saying the things in response to statements *you make* in a public forum. If you don’t like critisms or questions about your beliefs don’t make them public and keep them private. By removing my comments or links only weakens your position unfortunately. By deamonising me because I question your beliefs is also not a position of strength.

    I didn’t say the Valleys were insignificant, just insignificant to what’s going on in the world. Also this is not what I do, it accounts for a very small part of my life. Neither do I think your a “deluded Christian freak”. But I’ve already tried to explain this but you insist on believing the opposite, I guess it makes it easier for you to dismiss anything I have to say.

    Why is this page not the place for “this kind of conversation”? It’s a public forum where *you* are making statements about the world telling people how to live their lives and there is a comments section, that makes it just the place to have “this kind of conversation”, it’s what these sites are about! It’s WordPress not Dai Hankey’s Personal beliefs Press.

    Is that why you do this because you’ve got nothing better to do with your life???

    And by the way that thing about your parenting stop blowing that out of proportion for Gods sake. I didn’t call you a bad father or any such thing! Children as young as the girl in that video are far to young and naive to be able to make such choices about religion and by teaching them to believe what we believe before they learn about the world *is* indoctrination. I was indoctrinated and so are the vast majority of children. Unless of course you sat your daughter down explained to her all the other religions, allowed her to explore them and also what the scientific communities have learned about the workings of the Universe it’s childhood indoctrination. If you find that offensive I’ve already appologized but unfortunately it’s the truth and you shouldn’t be offended. Look up the term.

    “…I don’t go round posting negative or poisonous comments…” that’s not what I’m doing here! You just pecieve it that way because you don’t understand where I’m coming from.

  8. Does a God exist, myself i believe in a superior being.Why?Scientist claim the universe started with a big bang, but they cannot explain why. The earth points to a designer it rotates every 24 hours without slowing down, we are located the right distance from the sun,to far and we would be frozen,to near and we would burn up, there are many other reasons our universe substains its self. So we have a superior being beyond our imaginations, so we call him God/Lord, if we were all perfectly good, then evil would not exist but we know we have evil in the world, wars/ death/ disasters, to name just a few. We have free will, so we can choose to do good, or evil things. Could God prevent all the evils in the world,probably!but would that not be an invasion upon our free will of choice given too us.
    All the religious Prophets throughout time only one claim to be equal to God that was Jesus.

  9. That is known as “God of the Gaps argument”. Just because we don’t know what/how the Universe was created doesn’t mean there was a Creator and by your own argument you dismiss your own stance. What created God where did he come from? If you can apply special rule to God then why not the Universe? To know that the Universe needed a creator you must first know how the Universe was created and what was before. Thinking that you do because a particular bronze age book said “in the beginning there was only God” hardly qualifies as knowledge! Just because Jesus said he was equal to God hardly justifies as a variation; I’m equal to God. There you go I’m a true prophet tooth true God.
    By the way, I’m not saying that there was not a creator just that there is no evidence to there being a creator. And the Earth is slowing down and the fact that were are in the “Goldilocks Zone” doesn’t qualify for proof either. Planets orbit suns and some are in that zone and others are not. Given the amount of planets orbiting suns in the Universe (trillions) it’s not that unlikely!

  10. We are told the universe was created 10 billion years ago,do i believe it why not although i have no proof.Accepting scientific finding with out checking for yourself, you are putting trust and faith in the scientists, similar too the people putting trust and faith in the words of the apostles. So believe or not there is plenty of evidence to examine if God exists. Over 70% of people believe in the after-like. Every time we fly jump on a bus/train, we have trust and faith we arrive safe but no proof.Do we demand proof of all things told to us by mates or have trust and faith they are telling it true.
    In the beginning God …the words do not prove the existence of God or that God had a beginning. The Bible states many times that God is outside time, eternal, no beginning or end.Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see exists..herbrews 11-1

  11. There is a massive difference between scientific proof and religious beliefs! I *can* go and test the claims made by scientists, but I dont really have to, a plane does fly. I can look in the sky and see them! To think they are comparable shows how little you understand what science is. Oh don’t tell me you love science you don’t reject it? But the point is you don’t seem to understand fully what it is and what it does. Just a little correction, the established calculated age of the Universe is roughly 14.7 billion years old that’s a difference of 470,000 million year difference.
    Like it or not there isn’t a shred of emperical evidence of Gods existence. There is no more evidence for your God than there is for any other God. Just because we are here in a habital zone does not mean that your God exists no more than it proves the existence of any of the 2000 other gods. The fact that 70% (if that stat is true) of people believe in a afterlife is also no more proof that your God exists… like it or not.
    The real reason you believe in the God of the Bible and your a Christian has nothing to do with proof. You are a Christian instead of one of the other 2000 gods because you where born in a time and place where Christianity is the most popular religion. If you where born in the Middle East you’d most likely be a Muslim. If you where born in S.India there’s a high chance you’d be a Hindu and if you where born in Tibet you would most likely be following the teachings of Budha. Then again if you where born in In Australia as an Abiriginal you most likely would be worshiping a totally different type of gods the same for the Americas before spannish arrived on there shores and not forgetting the anccient Greek gods, the Roman gods, the Norse gods of the infamous vikings the list goes on and on and on. But you have the Dark Ages to thank for your Christianity! If it wasn’t for our ancestor being tortured to believe in Christ you’d most likely be a Pagen.

    I could be wrong and your God could be real but I highly doubt it for the same reasons you highly doubt all the above gods, your only one god away from being an atheist or agnostic.

  12. Gents. Gonna call a time out there. Got a feeling this thread could roll on forever and a day.

    Gareth, just as a final point of interest regarding what you wrote about if you were born in a certain place you’re more likely to follow a certain god/religion. Did you know that Christianity is the only world faith whose power base and strongest allegiance isn’t found in its place of origin. It truly is a world-reaching, world-transforming faith because God’s a God whose heart is for the world.

    Anyway, time to move on.

    I genuinely pray that God will bless you both (whether you believe in Him or not!)

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