The Hub

This week was a MASSIVE week for Hill City – we were given the keys to a building that is situated at the heart of the estate! Known locally as the old rent office, the building has been disused since September, so when we made enquiries about the possibility of renting it from the local authority they were very keen. The vision for The Hub is for it to operate as both a church office and also a community lounge from which we will be able to both serve and bless the community of Trevethin. We already have a couple of outreach initiatives lined-up, including a coffee and cake pit-stop for mums and dads on the school run in the mornings, amongst other ideas that are brewing.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what the building is like on the inside. So, here’s a little video that was shot just a few days before the conversion work began:

Astonishingly, the re-fit has already started and I’ll be posting various updates here at the Rant over the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you’re a prayerful type, please pray:

  • To thank God for the provision of this facility.
  • For the re-fit to go smoothly.
  • For furniture to kit out the lounge area (we’re waiting to hear back from Costa Coffee about getting some of their old gear).
  • For the saints of Hill City to rise up and form an awesome Hub team.
  • For God to be preparing the hearts of people from Trevethin to come to The Hub and encounter the gospel in action.

Thanks guys. See you at The Hub for a coffee soon…

7 thoughts on “The Hub

  1. Yes! This looks amazing! God use this for Your glory!

    Keep posting how its coming along! When is the grand opening? Peace

  2. Don’t like the name Hub,how many may think its a place selling car parts, not a center for activity.
    Maybe just called the Central Club/Cenral Hope club.
    The eyes of all wait upon you…Ps 145-15… In hope its a a great success.
    Still if its Dai dream, what can i say.
    If a spirit or an angel have spoken to him, let us not fight against God…acts 23-9. I’m not…And will call in I wish it the very best.

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