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OK, so as the work on The Hub continues at a rate of knots, the greatest dilemma we are now facing (not really – I’m just prone to exaggeration!) is the Hub’s logo. We’ve kinda settled on the rough idea for the what we want, but thanks to the graphical tweakery of my mate Dave Britten, we have narrowed it down to 2. However, I/we genuinely can’t decide on which one is best, so thought we’d put it to the vote here on the Rant.

So if you’re up for it, please check out the 2 options below, then simply vote by placing a comment as (Logo a) or (Logo b). Feel free to include your reasons too. Even if you’re not a regular ‘commenter’ here your feedback on this particular matter would be gratefully appreciated.



21 thoughts on “The Hub – Logo

  1. Depends on the colour of the background. If it’s white it needs the grey border – sets the limits visually. Or if you want it to say ‘no boundaries’ …… ?

  2. Agree with Peyton Jones that B gives it a wheel look.
    Like car parts sales shop (joke)
    I did say don’t like the name……….The Hub……
    that which has been named already..ecclesiastes..6-10.
    So the Hub it is, i agree with barryh2010 it depend on the back ground.
    I do lean more to A if outstanding back ground.

  3. Definitely A, its cleaner, works well in a single colour. Will transfer well to a multitude of media.

    The line of the cross is a little long for my liking and almost appears to put a divide the word ‘the’ and a ‘hub’ but thats being picky.

  4. I’m an ‘A’ person … I don’t like the grey … nothing about the Christian life should be grey, dull or boring. I even like the way when it’s on white the life of the Centre can spread out without any boundaries at all! Blessings x

  5. Number your people, that I may know the number of the people… 2 Sam… 24-2… I make it 10 A’s 9 B’s,
    so paint both, one on the side, the other on the front..At the end of the day is it not all about…… PUBLICITY.
    Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works….matthew.. 5-16

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