Month: March 2011

Shout Out!

Next Sunday evening Hill City Church are hosting Shout Out!

Shout Out! is an evening of praise, prayer and gospel proclamation.

The focus of the evening is to exalt God in worship, get excited by the truth of His Word, and plead for a new day of mercy and salvation in the Welsh valleys.

Worship will be led by Abi Williams and her band.

Preaching will be done by me.

Prayer will be offered by you!!

It’s free.

It’s open to all.

It’s urgent!

7pm at Cold Barn Farm Trevethin.

See you there!!


Farewell To A Faithful Friend

On August 26th 2002 one of my best friends was born.

Boaz was one of 9 puppies (aka the Taliban) born to Carly – a beautiful dog who was a Bullmastiff crossed with a Rhodesian Ridgeback. His father was an American pitbull crossed with a Rottweiler. Yes, these pups were of pretty formidable stock, but at 4 weeks old they were just incredibly cute! When I brought my fiancee (Michelle) to see the pups, she crouched down and only one of them came across to her – the tiny pup who soon grew into the 7 stone freak of nature who became our dearly loved family pet and one of the most loyal, faithful friends I’ve ever had!

He was also my first dog.


And the winner is…

The votes are all in now!

(They came in via Twitter and email too!)

And the winner is…

By just 2 votes…


I think I agree to be honest (though I didn’t vote myself!) So B is the one that you’ll soon see on the cladding at the end of The Hub building. However, I’ve asked for digital copies of both cos I think A could still be useful!

Thanks to all for your contributions. I’ll do a proper post again soon honest!!

Be blessed…