And the winner is…

The votes are all in now!

(They came in via Twitter and email too!)

And the winner is…

By just 2 votes…


I think I agree to be honest (though I didn’t vote myself!) So B is the one that you’ll soon see on the cladding at the end of The Hub building. However, I’ve asked for digital copies of both cos I think A could still be useful!

Thanks to all for your contributions. I’ll do a proper post again soon honest!!

Be blessed…

4 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Hi its a B
    A time to get and a time to lose..eccl 3-6…consider it,take advice,speak your mind..judges 19-30…its a win for the A.. 10 A’s 9 B’s, plus 1 either…..
    you know that our record is true..3 john..1-12.
    But B will grow on us, so when is the kettle being boiled, tea mind not coffee?.And i was am only counting on this site.

  2. HI Al

    We’re hoping to have the doors open and the kettle boiled on Monday 14th March. You’ll be most welcome to come and have a cuppa mate.

    Thanks for your encouragement.


  3. Maybe not on opening day, yes Margaret and I shall call in, we wish you every success,..its the Lord’s doing,and is marvellous in our eyes…psalm 118-23

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