Last Man Standing

I’m speaking at a pretty radical conference in Cardiff on Friday…and it’s unlike any that I’ve ever preached at before (see flyer below).

Here’s an extract of the email invitation I received:

Last Man Standing began as a facebook group with some guys in london who basically set the challenge of who can not wank for the longest, hence the name last man standing. However the facebook group has grown much larger and it was realised that it is a great resource for guys to be accountable and to post helpful resources for each other. It’s also allowed guys to build more honest relationships with each other by catapulting the issues of purity into our conciousness. The group is now really about pointing each other to Christ our example so that we can be men of purity and integrity who can stand for Christ.

Now while I have to state that this is the first time I’ve ever received a preaching invite with the ‘W’ word in it (not a word I use myself), I believe this to be a timely and incredibly important conference to be involved with. In my experience as a man, a friend and a pastor, I would identify sexual sin as the number one cause of shame, frustration and failure amongst Christian men (see stats in previous post).

I therefore count it a privilege to be asked to address a room full of young men on this matter. It’s my intention to open the Bible and teach without compromise the truth about sexual sin, pomography, masturbation etc. and what God has to say about it all. However, it’s also my intention to preach extravagant grace for those who have fallen, and to exalt the Holy Spirit as the source of power who can and will help us to stand in this area.

By God’s grace I’m buzzin’ that I am able to teach on this subject from a long-standing position of freedom and victory. However, I’d really value your prayers as sexual sin is all I seem to be teaching on at the moment (both at church and further afield) and Satan would love to tempt me to fall and expose me as a hypocrite.

Cheers peeps.