Month: August 2011

Great News From Ouagadougou…

Had such an encouraging email earlier today from Pastor Robert (the pastor of SIM Paspanga – our Compassion partner church). It was encouraging in 3 ways:

  1. It’s always good to hear from him – he’s a dear brother and phenomenal encouragement to me.
  2. He informed us of some extremely exciting news – just like Hill City, our friends at SIM Paspanga are planting a church in the very near future. Sakoula is a region that is also in Ouagadougou and Pastor Robert has been preaching there since July. He’s asked us to pray ahead of an evangelistic campaign next weekend, at which they will be showing the Jesus film. They have already secured a hectare of land and are hoping to plant in December! BUZZIN!!
  3. He attached photographs of the playground equipment and mosquito nets (see below) that our recent fund-raising drive has provided for those precious children. He also mentioned that they have yet to secure government approval for the building of the new classrooms, but reassured us with these words: “we are on it, we pray and work waiting that God opens the doors for his glory.” Haha!! Gotta love that!!

I seriously got emotional when I first saw these pictures. If you’ve followed the adventure of our partnership with the beautiful kids of BF201 you’ll understand why these images mean so much to us!


Would you join us in prayer:

  1. Thank God for Pastor Robert and our friends at SIM Paspanga.
  2. Ask that God would bless the outreach mission next weekend and save mightily.
  3. Pray for wisdom, courage and provision for the forthcoming church plant in Sakoula.
  4. Rejoice with us for the playground equipment and mosquito nets that we’ve had the privilege of providing.
  5. Press in for a favourable response from the government regarding the building of new classrooms and for the remaining funds to be raised.

Hope you’re as encouraged as me! Bless you guys.



In Awe

A couple of months ago a Christian producer from Cardiff got in touch with me through Twitter and asked me if I’d be up for collaborating with him on a track for his forthcoming mix tape. I’d never heard of BiG MacK before, but I’m glad that he tracked me down. He might be young (18 years old) but he’s incredibly talented and creative. I reckon he’s got a bright future ahead of him in the music industry.

Anyway, I’ve never collaborated on a track with anyone before and I’ve been wanting to try a few new things with my rapping, so this was an opportunity too good to miss. Essentially what we’ve come up with is an urban worship track called ‘In Awe’. My part in it consists of 16 bars in the middle and a bit of back-to-back in the last verse. MacK on the other hand not only wrote the music, he also rapped the rest of it, sang the chorus and produced the track too.

In Awe is going to feature on the forthcoming mix tape that MacK is currently working on. It’s also going to be included on my next CD too. More about that in due course.

In Awe is very different to any of the other tracks I’ve recorded thus far, therefore I’d really appreciate your feedback on it. Feel free to post a comment below and let me know what you make of this new track.


In Awe – BiG MacK feat. Truemcee

Reason 3. My Kids Keep Me Humble

In my experience, the greatest temptation I have faced in over 10 years of ministry is the temptation to become proud. This is not only sinful and wrong, it’s also extremely counter-productive as: “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” (James 4:6).

Literally, pride puts you on a collision course with God (and there’s only one winner there!) whereas humility plugs you into the power source of His amazing grace. Every day I face an epic battle to decrease so that God might increase in me. Which is why my kids have been such a phenomenal blessing to me…

…cos no one keeps me humble like my kids!!

1. My kids are mini versions of me!
I don’t really get how DNA works, I just know that I can see traces of both me and Michelle in all our kids (it’s been suggested that they get their looks and intelligence from their mum and their mischief from me!) I’ve also heard it said that kids are a product of their environment, so what they see and hear in the home influences them. Sometimes this blesses the socks off me, like when Josiah spontaneously says grace before breakfast or when Elen starts making up her own rap lyrics. But other times…it can be horrifying, like when Josiah erupts into a violent tantrum – it’s like looking at my aggressive past in realtime! The truth is that while I love my kids to bits (and I think they’re turning out pretty well, even if I do say so myself!) they are all little sinners who daily remind me of my own sin. It can be like looking in a mirror that never lies sometimes…

That’s humbling!

2. My kids are like elephants – they NEVER forget!
Broken promises. Inconsistent parenting. That time I let them down (again!)…my kids have detailed files. Ironically, while they can’t remember where they put their favourite toy on any given day, they have no such problem laying hold of the files of dad’s mistakes and when it comes to pulling them out they’re ruthlessly trigger-happy!

“Dad, remember when you said_________ and it never happened?!”

“Well you did _________ last time so you’ll probably do it again!”


Clearly they still need a bit of help in grasping the concept of “Love keeps no record of wrongs” (1Cor13v5). In the meantime, however, I get to share a home with 4 living, breathing, merciless commentators on the sin in my life. While I could choose self-defence or denial, I choose instead to acknowledge my sin, face up to my sin, confess my sin and deal with my sin so that my kids get to see what true repentance looks like.

That’s humbling!!

3. I get to read the Bible with my kids
I do 2 quiet times per day. The first (in the morning) is me, God and my trusty  ESV. The second (in the evening) is me, my kids and one of their vast array of children’s Bibles. Reading Scripture with my kids is always one of the highlights of my day. It’s such a privilege to read it with them, answer their precious, innocent questions and help them to apply the truth they’re reading! However, I’d be doing a bad job if I wasn’t daily helping them to see that ultimately the Bible reveals their own sin and their desperate need of a Saviour. So as I explain these things to them, I’m daily reminded that I too am a sinner, saved by scandalous grace and as much in need of Jesus today as I was when I was saved 19 years ago!

That’s humbling!!!

Urban Hymns

If you’re anywhere near Abergavenny this weekend, why not come along to a little gig I’m rapping at?

It’s called Urban Hymns, it’s going down at 7 Corners in Abergavenny.

All the info is on the flyer below.

Maybe see you there…

Souled Out

This afternoon (14th August) me and the family will be packing our car to the rafters and heading up the A470 to the wonderful world of North Wales.

North Wales is a very special part of the world to me. It’s where I was converted and it’s also where me and Michelle went on honeymoon. We’re really looking forward to an enjoyable, albeit short, break up there, although for me it’s more of a busman’s holiday as the main reason we’re going up is for me to preach at Souled Out Cymru.

Souled Out Cymru is a week-long youth event that takes place in Bala and that attracts young people from all over the place. It’s a privilege to be invited to preach there. My reason for blogging about it is to ask for your prayers, both for my ministry to be fruitful and also for my family to be refreshed. If you’d be willing to pray, this is what the coming week is going to look like:

Travel up to North Wales

Family Time

Family Time

am – First preaching session
pm – Rap/preach at outreach event

am – Teaching Seminar
pm – Michelle giving testimony

am – Second preaching session
pm – travel home

Family time

Thanks so much for your prayers.

You’ll be in mine.