Great News From Ouagadougou…

Had such an encouraging email earlier today from Pastor Robert (the pastor of SIM Paspanga – our Compassion partner church). It was encouraging in 3 ways:

  1. It’s always good to hear from him – he’s a dear brother and phenomenal encouragement to me.
  2. He informed us of some extremely exciting news – just like Hill City, our friends at SIM Paspanga are planting a church in the very near future. Sakoula is a region that is also in Ouagadougou and Pastor Robert has been preaching there since July. He’s asked us to pray ahead of an evangelistic campaign next weekend, at which they will be showing the Jesus film. They have already secured a hectare of land and are hoping to plant in December! BUZZIN!!
  3. He attached photographs of the playground equipment and mosquito nets (see below) that our recent fund-raising drive has provided for those precious children. He also mentioned that they have yet to secure government approval for the building of the new classrooms, but reassured us with these words: “we are on it, we pray and work waiting that God opens the doors for his glory.” Haha!! Gotta love that!!

I seriously got emotional when I first saw these pictures. If you’ve followed the adventure of our partnership with the beautiful kids of BF201 you’ll understand why these images mean so much to us!


Would you join us in prayer:

  1. Thank God for Pastor Robert and our friends at SIM Paspanga.
  2. Ask that God would bless the outreach mission next weekend and save mightily.
  3. Pray for wisdom, courage and provision for the forthcoming church plant in Sakoula.
  4. Rejoice with us for the playground equipment and mosquito nets that we’ve had the privilege of providing.
  5. Press in for a favourable response from the government regarding the building of new classrooms and for the remaining funds to be raised.

Hope you’re as encouraged as me! Bless you guys.


One thought on “Great News From Ouagadougou…

  1. They are nice photos, its a wonderful achievement by the many that helped.
    O LORD my God, you have performed many wonders for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list,..psalm 40-5

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