Month: September 2011

Why I said ‘No’ to the BBC

Last week I mentioned on Twitter that I had been approached by BBC Wales to ask whether or not I would be interested in taking part in a forthcoming documentary series. What it was going to entail was 12 months of filming, which would not have been daily, but would certainly have been frequent.

I was very honoured to be approached and the opportunity it presented to preach the gospel wasn’t lost on me, but after consulting my wife, my friends and above all God – in the end I felt I had to say no.


Simply this – by God’s grace my life revolves around people. I love spending time with my family, I love to share life with the people of my church and I’m blessed to have good friends who I like to hang out with a lot too! In other words, if this documentary was going to paint an accurate picture of my life it would have to involve significant footage with all those people. Frankly, I wasn’t willing to let them do that! My family means the world to me and my time with them is a sanctuary from the pressures of life and the cares of the world. Similarly, me and Michelle decided ages ago that we didn’t want the kids to be scrutinised by the media at such a young age. We want to stick with that decision. Furthermore, Hill City Church is far more than a project to be studied, it’s people who are incredibly precious to me and it’s my privilege and responsibility to care for them. Some have expressed in the past that they were uneasy about media attention. My job is to honour and serve them. Finally, not all my mates were comfortable with the idea and, as with all the others, they mean too much to me to inflict unwanted media attention upon them!

So 2012 will be free of camera crews and personal intrusion. Am I gutted? Not at all – relieved if anything!! My prayer is that God would do such an epic work across this land of Wales again that the BBC would have no option but to make multiple documentaries about it, but that the star of each one would not be an individual pastor or a local church, but Jesus Christ Himself!

Is that likely to ever happen?

I intend to spend the rest of my life loving, living, praying and serving like it is!!

Kingdom Link 8

Just received the artwork for an event I’m rapping at next month – Kingdom Link 8. It’s a MASSIVE privilege to perform on such a stage alongside such distinguished artists. However, I’m also buzzin’ that my good friends Ofemi and BiG MacK are also on the bill.

Check it out and if you can make it – see you there!!

2V Design

If you need a VIDEO, WEBSITE OR FLYERS created – you’d be more nutty than a squirrel’s packed lunch if you didn’t check out 2V Design!!

2V Design is a graphical design business run by my very good friend, Andy Toovey. Andy is a guy whose integrity and creative flair I can’t commend enough! He’s so easy to work with, phenomenally diligent and the results are top notch! Not only that, his prices are as competitive as you’ll find anywhere.

Check it out:

  • Posters/flyers from £100
  • Videos from £150
  • Websites from £300

Cheap. As. Chips. (And twice as tasty!!)

So why am I bigging-up the Tooves? (I don’t get any commission honest!!)

Simply this: Last Sunday we welcomed the Toovey crew (Andy, Sophie and baby Megan) into the life of Hill City Church. These guys are an epic young family who are with us for a season of encouraging and equipping until things are in place for them to pioneer our first church plant up the Garn. (find out more about that here). Thing is, they need money to survive (obviously!) and one of the most logical ways that they can raise support is through Andy’s 2V Design work. Therefore, by using 2V Design you won’t only get excellent service and a quality product, you’ll also be supporting these guys in the immense challenge of church planting in the Welsh valleys!

Sound good? Then why not check out the 2V Design website and get in touch with Andy if you feel you could work together.

I’ve profiled some of the stuff he’s done for us below, so you can see for yourself why I’m a fan!


Truemcee on SoundCloud

Super-quick post to announce that I have just set up a Truemcee Sound Cloud account.

You can find the page here, or alternatively click the large orange icon down the right hand side of the blog

The beauty of Sound Cloud is it’s simplicity and interactivity.

You can now listen to all my latest stuff on Sound Cloud, and download it too.

With my latest project, Lyrical Liturgy, now well underway you can expect to find plenty more tracks uploaded on there over the coming weeks and months.

Hope it’s a blessing and an encouragement to you.