2V Design

If you need a VIDEO, WEBSITE OR FLYERS created – you’d be more nutty than a squirrel’s packed lunch if you didn’t check out 2V Design!!

2V Design is a graphical design business run by my very good friend, Andy Toovey. Andy is a guy whose integrity and creative flair I can’t commend enough! He’s so easy to work with, phenomenally diligent and the results are top notch! Not only that, his prices are as competitive as you’ll find anywhere.

Check it out:

  • Posters/flyers from £100
  • Videos from £150
  • Websites from £300

Cheap. As. Chips. (And twice as tasty!!)

So why am I bigging-up the Tooves? (I don’t get any commission honest!!)

Simply this: Last Sunday we welcomed the Toovey crew (Andy, Sophie and baby Megan) into the life of Hill City Church. These guys are an epic young family who are with us for a season of encouraging and equipping until things are in place for them to pioneer our first church plant up the Garn. (find out more about that here). Thing is, they need money to survive (obviously!) and one of the most logical ways that they can raise support is through Andy’s 2V Design work. Therefore, by using 2V Design you won’t only get excellent service and a quality product, you’ll also be supporting these guys in the immense challenge of church planting in the Welsh valleys!

Sound good? Then why not check out the 2V Design website and get in touch with Andy if you feel you could work together.

I’ve profiled some of the stuff he’s done for us below, so you can see for yourself why I’m a fan!


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