In case you didn’t believe me that Andy Toovey of 2V Design is a freakin’ genius, check out the video he just knocked together for my urban poetry track – Buzzin…

4 thoughts on “Buzzin

  1. While i don’t mind poetry, i certainly do not like rapping. So judged solely on its
    spiritual entertainment value, the rhythm is good,the poem rap praises God,and it relates to the bible, the video is very well done.This shows the enthusiasm and love of God Dai and andy have,..serve the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul. duet,.. 10-12

  2. Absolutly powerful stuff,as an author of poetry this was awesome,well written and well put,as for the video it was brilliant well done to Andy Toovey,and you Dai for writting these powerful lyrics

  3. This really glorified our Risen Lord. I just thank Him for using you to preach His good news my brother in Christ.

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