Month: November 2011

Away at Ignition

Last year I went to Doncaster for an Acts 29 church planting conference called Ignition. To cut a long story short, it was an amazing, life-changing conference (you can read about it here). During those 3 days I was encouraged, envisioned and able to form friendships with other Acts 29 planters that have developed into strong bonds of brotherhood. I now count many of these brothers as some of my best friends in ministry, cos they just get it!!

Anyway, today I’m off up north again for the second Ignition conference. This year I don’t go as a curious delegate but as a privileged member of Acts 29 having successfully navigated the church planter assessment process. I’m looking forward to renewing friendships, receiving good teaching and contributing where I can too. I’m also looking forward to hanging out with my good friend and Hill City co-planter Ben Franks who is joining me for the trip.

Please pray for us both, that God would speak to us and give us a greater sense of purpose, destiny and urgency for church planting in Wales.



Ministry Update

I’m feeling super -blessed at the moment as we’re enjoying bucket-loads of God’s grace as a church right now and so I just wanted to knock out a quick post to keep you posted on some really exciting stuff that’s has been happening / is happening / is soon to be happening at Hill City Church.

1. Trevolution Link-Up
As I type, our Hill City team is in West Mon Comprehensive school starting their first day of group mentoring with young people from the school who are considered to be at risk of exclusion. The Link-Up project is incredibly exciting and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way. Should the group mentoring work well, the team will potentially go on to deliver one-to-one mentoring with other young people too.

Please pray for the guys as they go in – that they will connect quickly with the young people, that they will serve them well, that God would bless our partnership with West Mon and that gospel change will be occur.

2. Fight Club

Next week, we launch Fight Club. What is Fight Club? Here’s what the church website says about it:

Fight Club is a all about training men. We meet on Wednesday nights
for a lock-in at the local gym. The first part of the evening is spent
together in physical training. The second is all about spiritual
training – Bible study, prayer and fighting side-by-side as we wage
war against the sin in our lives – and there’s no holds barred.

Fight Club is strictly for the men of Hill City Church who love Jesus
and are committed to living lives that please him. It is not an
outreach initiative. Fight Club sessions are intense and the things we
wrestle with are raw, real life issues. However, what happens in Fight
Club stays in Fight Club – so the stuff we deal with as brothers goes
no further.

Please pray that God would raise up the men of Hill City to be strong in all the right ways.

3. Caring for the Elderly
Last Friday we had the first meeting of our team who are looking at establishing a ministry to serve the elderly members of our community here in Trevethin. The ministry is in its very early stages (it doesn’t even have a name yet) but as Christmas approaches we already have several opportunities to get alongside these precious people at this poignant and potentially difficult time of year.

Please pray for the team – that God would bless them with gospel unity, creativity and open doors to serve.

4. Baptism celebration
Nothing is more exciting in the life of a church than seeing God’s saving hand at work – and we have seen just that again recently. Therefore, we are going to be holding our second baptism service of the year on Sunday 4th December…but this one is especially exciting! Why? Because for the first time since Hill City was born we are going to be able to baptise right here on this estate. The venue is going to be Cold Barn Farm and will be followed by a quality munch-up! I ain’t gonna lie – I’m seriously buzzin’ about this – why not come and celebrate with us?!

Please pray that God would bless this special day, and even add to the number we get to baptise one the coming weeks.

5. Christmas at Hill City
Christmas is always a great time of year to reach out to the lost, so we intend to make the most of the opportunity. Here’s some of the stuff we’ll be up to:

  • Tuesday 6th December: Providing refreshments and hosting Cosy Kitchen for the lighting of the community Christmas Tree.
  • Sunday 18th December: Hill City Christmas Family Service at Cold Barn Farm.
  • Thursday 22nd December: Community Carols by Starlight event (with festive buffet).
  • Sunday 25th December: Christmas morning gathering at the Hub.

Please pray for the gospel to be presented clearly and powerfully, for Christ to be exalted and for the lost to be saved.

I’m so aware of God’s goodness and kindness to us as a church. It’s only by His grace that we continue to grow and to take fresh ground.

Glory to God!


This weekend, from 9pm Friday to 9pm Sunday I won’t be on Twitter – at all! In fact I won’t be blogging, watching films, surfing the internet or even playing Angry birds!!


I’ll be joining Open Doors as they BLACKOUT.

Eh? What’s BLACKOUT?

Glad you asked – find out more here.

So this weekend, rather than spending time tweeting, sharing and connecting online, I intend to express solidarity, raise support and spend time praying for The Secret Children.

Who are the Secret Children?

Glad you asked! Allow me to introduce them…

Truth is we forget about our suffering brothers and sisters too easily. If you injure part of your body the rest of your body will feel it acutely. Therefore as Christians a day shouldn’t pass without us being deeply aware that parts of our body are suffering.

Can I encourage you to join me as I BLACKOUT for the sake of the persecuted church.

Furthermore if you live in South Wales why not join us 7pm on Sunday Evening at Cold Barn Farm in Trevethin. We are hosting a worship evening but will also be spending some time in BLACKOUT as we pray for persecuted brothers and sisters, not least the Secret Children.

"if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it" (1Corinthians 12:26)


Meet Cassie – the latest member of the Hankey family.

We’ve been thinking of getting a new dog ever since Boaz died last March. Therefore when our friends Matt & Sabrina offered us this little beauty last weekend we couldn’t say no. We are so grateful to them!

Cassie is a 4 month old Labrador and is already a firmly established member of the fam.

The kids literally think it’s Christmas!!

Thank you God for this gift