Away at Ignition

Last year I went to Doncaster for an Acts 29 church planting conference called Ignition. To cut a long story short, it was an amazing, life-changing conference (you can read about it here). During those 3 days I was encouraged, envisioned and able to form friendships with other Acts 29 planters that have developed into strong bonds of brotherhood. I now count many of these brothers as some of my best friends in ministry, cos they just get it!!

Anyway, today I’m off up north again for the second Ignition conference. This year I don’t go as a curious delegate but as a privileged member of Acts 29 having successfully navigated the church planter assessment process. I’m looking forward to renewing friendships, receiving good teaching and contributing where I can too. I’m also looking forward to hanging out with my good friend and Hill City co-planter Ben Franks who is joining me for the trip.

Please pray for us both, that God would speak to us and give us a greater sense of purpose, destiny and urgency for church planting in Wales.



One thought on “Away at Ignition

  1. Dai, you will find the inspiration,the spirit of the Lord will come,..1 sam..10.6.
    You live by God’s every word, so you are, as it states in,..2 tim..3..16..17, more than ready to sock it too them.Have a safe journey both ways too all travelers, Margaret sends Gods blessing to all

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