31 Days in the Book of Proverbs

This post is primarily for members of the Hill City Church family, though the rest of you are free to listen in too! Essentially what this is all about is pulling together 2 issues that we as a leadership have been asked about loads of times over the last few years at Hill City, namely:

  1. How do I study the Bible better?
  2. How do I live for God better?

Hill City is a very young church and these are timely and important questions that demand a response. Therefore, what myself and my co-pastor, James, are proposing is that we as a church – all of us – dedicate the first month of 2012 to reading through the epic book of Proverbs together. Proverbs is a book that is loaded with nuggets of wisdom. It consists of 31 chapters, which is convenient as there are 31 days in January. What we propose is that we read a chapter each day until we’ve finished the whole book.

It’s our firm belief that studying the Bible together will help us ALL to better understand its truth and live more godly lives as a consequence. Here’s how I suggest we go about it:

TUNE IN: Try to open your Bible at a time when there are minimal distractions (turn off your TV, phone and music!) Before you start reading take some time to pray to God and ask Him to speak to you.

LISTEN UP: Don’t just read the words but listen to what God’s actually saying to you. It might well be that of all the nuggets in the chapter there is one in particular that stands out to you.

GET IT DOWN: Take on board what God is saying. Get it down by writing it in a note book or on a post-it note that you can put somewhere prominent like on the fridge or the back of the toilet door.

LIVE IT OUT: Whatever God says to you – do something about it and watch Him change your life and your world!

SPREAD THE WORD: We want to hear how God is speaking to us as a church through the Proverbs – so here’s what we suggest: Text each other, plaster Proverbs all over your Facebook and Twitter accounts (after all – the Proverbs is essentially King Solomon’s Twitter account!) On top of that, we are going to make space during each Sunday morning service in January for people to share ways that God has been encouraging/challenging/blessing them through the Proverbs.

So there we have it.

See you on January 1st in chapter one…

One thought on “31 Days in the Book of Proverbs

  1. King Solomon is credited to be the main author of the book of proverbs. During his reign Israel had great prosperity. 1 Kings 4-32 credit Solomon with 3000 proverbs and 1005 songs. This will be a good discussion,and i shall listen in, the topics are numerous, and states what he believes is Gods meaning in everyday situations that we can relate too, considering it was written over 3000 years ago,consisting of sections in the form of discourses and collections of wise sayings regarding practical matters of life,.. and the people of all nations came to hear the wisdom of Solomon,..1 Kings-4-34.
    Be not wise in your own eyes, fear the Lord and turn from evil,..proverbs 3-7

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