Your Highlights of 2011

As we come to the end of the year it’s only appropriate for us to look over the 12 months that have passed and reflect upon them. While it’s often easy to recall all the challenges and the tragedies we’ve faced, it’s important that we don’t allow dwelling on the ‘bad stuff’ to distract us from rejoicing in the ‘good stuff’! For Hill City, 2011 has been a massive year for us. It’s held massive challenges and yet we’ve also experienced huge blessings. Personally, I want to be a person who doesn’t end the year in regret and despair, but rather in worship and with hope. If you feel the same, please feel free to post a comment(s) below and share. I believe it will give much glory to Jesus and be a great encouragement to others if you did so. (If you’re not used to commenting on blogs it’s really simple and you don’t get any junk mail coming back at you once you’ve done it.)

C’mon people – let’s share what God has done!


3 thoughts on “Your Highlights of 2011

  1. Highlight has to be doing Christianity Explored with a guy…then reading through Cross Centred Life, seeing his understanding and appreciation of the Cross grow and grow. Great!

  2. Watching God prove that He’s “mighty to save” as He builds His church in Trevethin. Oh and also seeing photos of the BF kids new playground was pretty cool too:)

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