Month: January 2012

28+1 Days in the Book of Acts

So today marks the end of Hill City’s epic journey through the book of Proverbs in a month. To say that the last 31 days have been encouraging is an understatement! The number of Hill City saints who joined in the adventure has literally blown me away. I think the majority of people in the church were involved and whether in general chatter or the wonderful world of Twitter – the way that God has spoken to people through the Scriptures this month has hugely encouraged me!

So, we’re going to do it again!!

Not Proverbs this time but the book of Acts – a book of mission to get us ready for an exciting year of mission! So 28 chapters throughout February – again this works great because there are 28 days in February…normally! OK so this year’s a chuffin’ leap year, so here’s the plan – we’re going to call this one 28+1! 28 days to read the book then a day of focussed mission on the 29th!!


I believe that God is really going to speak to us this month and that His Spirit will truly inspire and empower us for the mission we’ve been called to. Feel free to join in – whether you’re Hill City or not. The hashtag for Twitter is #hccACTS.

XY Tour

On Wednesday 8th February 2012, I’m buzzin that my good friend, Dai Woolridge is making his way to Trevethin as part of his XY Tour.

Dai is a phenomenally gifted and creative communicator whose one-man shows are a rare blend of comedy genius and powerful presentation of truth. The XY Tour promises to be no exception.

Here’s what it’s all about:

“There are stack loads of men in the Bible, most of them with great intentions but bar one, none of them perfect. How can we learn from these more hairy, gassy and less able to multi task members of the Bible? How can their choices teach us (both chromosome types), to be better men and women of God today?”

The XY tour is being hosted by Hill City but is open to all. The event will be taking place at Cold Barn Farm, Trevethin and will start at 7pm. Entry is free and a collection will be taken. Refreshments will be provided, including (as you’d expect) quality coffee!!

Copies of Dai’s new book Poetry in Motion will also be available on the night.

Here’s a clip of what to expect:

[vimeo 24824662]

Hopefully see you there.

Ignite the Gospel

There are several events coming up in the next few months that I’m involved in either speaking at or organising. I’ll be posting up information about each of them over the coming days for 2 reasons.

1. So that you can get them in your diary, should you wish to do so.

2. To ask you to pray and inform your prayers (as several weeks of kids not sleeping properly has rendered me exhausted and frankly – in need of prayer!)

Anyway the first is Ignite the Gospel – a youth event that attracts young people from across South Wales. As you may be aware I’ve been involved with Ignite for years and even though I no longer have a formal role with them I continue to work with and support as much as I can as I love what they’re about and I have a very strong friendship with the head honcho – Gary Smith. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this next Ignite event and am grateful for the opportunity to both rap and also preach the gospel that night! Buzzin!!

The event takes place on Sunday 29th January and is held at the Solus Bar at Cardiff Uni. It’s £3 to get in.

Please pray that God would give me an epic message for that evening and that we would see God’s saving hand at work.


Plant on the Scarlet Blobs!

Just a simple little post to tell you where to plant your next church!

The map below was part a shocking article in Walesonline yesterday that revealed the true scale of child poverty in Wales. The map colour codes poverty across the principality – green being a low percentage, yellow and orange increasingly concerning and scarlet indicating that 40+% of children are living in poverty. Unsurprisingly, the Welsh valleys scored especially high, including my estate, Trevethin, where 46% of kids are deemed to be living in poverty!!

Why do I share this?

Simple – this is an epic church planting map!! I regularly talk to students and young adults who have a huge heart for the lost and a passion for planting gospel-wielding churches, but haven’t got a clue where to go! The Bible is clear that God’s heart beats for the poor, the broken and the marginalised. Sadly, for many years the church has had a different agenda – opting to focus on setting up shop in city centres, out-of-town industrial estates and leafy suburbs, often overlooking the challenge of taking the gospel to the more difficult, dangerous and desperate communities – the scarlet ones! While I agree that ALL people need reaching – the imbalance is nothing short of scandalous!!

Those who know me will know that I’m kind of passionate about seeing the Welsh valleys littered with churches that preach the truth and shine the light of God’s grace. There are more than enough opportunities to plant

So if you are called/interested/pursuing church planting in South Wales but are still unsure where God would have you do it, can I offer this simple advice:

Pray over this map, then go in the name of Jesus and plant on the scarlet blobs!