XY Tour

On Wednesday 8th February 2012, I’m buzzin that my good friend, Dai Woolridge is making his way to Trevethin as part of his XY Tour.

Dai is a phenomenally gifted and creative communicator whose one-man shows are a rare blend of comedy genius and powerful presentation of truth. The XY Tour promises to be no exception.

Here’s what it’s all about:

“There are stack loads of men in the Bible, most of them with great intentions but bar one, none of them perfect. How can we learn from these more hairy, gassy and less able to multi task members of the Bible? How can their choices teach us (both chromosome types), to be better men and women of God today?”

The XY tour is being hosted by Hill City but is open to all. The event will be taking place at Cold Barn Farm, Trevethin and will start at 7pm. Entry is free and a collection will be taken. Refreshments will be provided, including (as you’d expect) quality coffee!!

Copies of Dai’s new book Poetry in Motion will also be available on the night.

Here’s a clip of what to expect:

[vimeo 24824662]

Hopefully see you there.

One thought on “XY Tour

  1. Found the trailer interesting a different approach, to biblical stories that tells of murder/lying/adultery/drunkenness, that relates to the 10 commandments, i.e Noah who builds a boat miles from any sea, problem never seen any heavy rain, but by faith he is warned,..Hebrews 11-7, his neighbour just though he had to much to drink again.If able I do hope to attend

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