28+1 Days in the Book of Acts

So today marks the end of Hill City’s epic journey through the book of Proverbs in a month. To say that the last 31 days have been encouraging is an understatement! The number of Hill City saints who joined in the adventure has literally blown me away. I think the majority of people in the church were involved and whether in general chatter or the wonderful world of Twitter – the way that God has spoken to people through the Scriptures this month has hugely encouraged me!

So, we’re going to do it again!!

Not Proverbs this time but the book of Acts – a book of mission to get us ready for an exciting year of mission! So 28 chapters throughout February – again this works great because there are 28 days in February…normally! OK so this year’s a chuffin’ leap year, so here’s the plan – we’re going to call this one 28+1! 28 days to read the book then a day of focussed mission on the 29th!!


I believe that God is really going to speak to us this month and that His Spirit will truly inspire and empower us for the mission we’ve been called to. Feel free to join in – whether you’re Hill City or not. The hashtag for Twitter is #hccACTS.

One thought on “28+1 Days in the Book of Acts

  1. Again a very interesting subject the book of Acts details the spread of the gospel and the growth of the church from Jerusalem to Rome.Said to be written around 60 ad, but it does not defiantly name the author but most believe it was written by Luke the Evangelist. I look forward to following it .

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