Month: February 2012

Last Man Standing 2012

This Saturday I will be preaching about sex.

A lot!

I’m excited and humbled to be asked back to preach at Last Man Standing again this year! If you’re a man who is committed to pursuing sexual purity in this sex-crazed world, you really want to be at Woody Bap in Cardiff this coming Saturday.

You won’t be disappointed!


GOSOWGROWSEND is an event that I have organised with my With my Acts29 Western Europe hat on. Essentially it’s an evening of teaching, conversation and gospel stimulation for all those with a heart for church planting/gospel ministry in Wales. Our guest speaker for the evening is Andrew Heard, the pastor of EV Church in Australia (who is a church planting ninja!) Also contributing will be Andrew’s wife, Cathie, Steve Timmis and myself. Expect great teaching, worship, prayer and answers to whatever questions you may have. We’ll make sure there’s some half tidy refreshments too.

GOSOWGROWSEND is taking place at Woodville Baptist Church, Cardiff and starts at 7pm. The event is completely free of charge (though if anyone wants to support the event by buying me a Lamb Jalfrezi – you’re welcome to!!)

If you want more details, just get in touch.

Hopefully see you there.


Whose Agenda?

Guest post by Sophie Toovey who, along with her husband Andy and beautiful baby Megan have joined us at Hill City Church with a view to us sending them to plant a church in Garndiffaith in the near future. They’re a great family and this is a great post. Hope it helps you. (Sophie blogs here.)

Whose Agenda?

I love this time of year because even though it’s usually pretty dingy and dreary, my garden begins to stop being an ugly wilderness of dead plants. Tiny green shoots appear amidst all the brown twigs on the ground, and soon some beautiful spring flowers will start to appear.

We all know the seasons and live by them each year- we know (roughly) what to expect when. But the problem is that we start to expect everything in life to go just as we expect or as we plan… following our agenda.

Over a year ago, we received a clear call from God to go and plant a church in Garndiffaith. We put our house on the market, told all our friends and family, sent out a lot of prayer emails… And we’re still waiting for something to happen! We’re waiting to sell our house, for the doors to open for us to actually get there and start things up. But the thing is, God works to His agenda, not to ours.

We’ve been reading a brilliant book for urban church planters called ‘Taking our Cities for God‘ by John Dawson, who worked in LA. He’s fantastically honest about all the ups and downs of their ministry, and a recurring theme is that God doesn’t do the predictable; He’s the God of the unexpected! Dawson encourages us to pray and wait on God instead of just making plans and striving to achieve them.

In our time of waiting, I have felt most convicted about who I’m doing all this for. Am I ambitious for my glory, or for God’s? Am I building mykingdom, or His? When you’re forced to wait for God to move, it humbles you. It reminds you that God doesn’t work to your agenda- He has His own, far more brilliant plan. As hard as it is right now to keep sending out emails saying ‘no news on the house’, this is just a season. And it’s a season of God’s grace just like any other, even if it looks more ‘barren wilderness’ than ‘blooming beauty’.

Trusting Jesus Even When He Seems To Sleep

Another guest post courtesy of none other than my friend Larry Norman who blogs here.

Trusting Jesus Even When He Seems To Sleep

The disciples once followed Jesus across the sea of Galilee. It had been a long day of teaching, all were shattered and they were headed off to get some peace and quiet. Then a storm arose. (Mark 4: 37) Even the experienced fishermen were scared of this storm for the boat was quickly filling with water (4: 37) and the disciples rushed to Jesus, could He help them? (more…)

5 Tips For Missional Living

Another guest post courtesy of a very good friend of mine, Mr Sammy Davies. Sammy serves as assistant pastor at Ammanford Evangelical Church. He also writes a blog that’s well worth checking out too.


5 Tips For Missional Living

‘Missional’ is a huge buzz word in certain Christian circles at the moment. Mark Driscoll quipped at one conference that, “if you googled the word missional to find out what it actually meant, you’d probably blow up your computer.” He wasn’t far off being right.

However, if we are to look at 5 tips for living missionally, it might be worth while to look at another word which should go hand in hand, side by side with the m-word. Intentional.

Being ‘missional’ is all about living life like a missionary where ever you are. Missional living is about living like a missionary without having to raise support and changing continent. Missional people realise that there’s a mission field, ripe for harvest, right on their door step. The problem comes when claims of being missional are a in fact a cover for compromise and laziness on the Christians part. This is why, in conjunction with being missional, we need to strive to be intentional.

Intentionality means that everything we do is done with a purpose. It means we don’t simply live our lives in the hope that an opportunity to share the Gospel arises, but view our entire lives as an opportunity to share Christ with those who don’t know Him.

Surely the concept of missional living is a welcome wake up for the Church in the post-christian West. But, just as surely, it needs to be done in conjunction with a certain deliberateness. Be missional, be intentional.

As we look at 5 tips for living missionaly we’ll see that on their own they cannot be considered evangelism or Christian witness, but used intentionally they could present us with new opportunities to speak the truth of Christ to others. That is, using these missional tools for the express aim of building relationships in which the Cross of Christ can be proclaimed.


Pulpit Monologue v Missional Lifestyle: FIGHT!

First guest post to roll in courtesy of my Scottish friend, Mez McConnell, who pastors NCC – a church on the Niddrie housing estate in Edinburgh and who blogs here.

Hope you enjoy it.

Pulpit Monologue v Missional Lifestyle: FIGHT!  

‘Expository preaching’ can appear to be a dirty word in some church planting circles. Likewise, for many the ‘Sunday gathering’ is relegated to an afterthought in the pursuit of authentic ‘missional community’. There is talk that ‘Pulpit Preaching’ (at least in a monologue form) has had its day in the sun and in the brave new world of culture busting community discipleship, it is now the unwelcome guest in the global ‘conversation’. Apparently, Twenty-First Century punters don’t want to be ‘talked at’, and they don’t want so-called ‘truth claims’ thrust down their throats for half an hour by some overexcited, right wing Bible basher. Why should we listen to some bloke spout off at us without any recourse to dialogue or even questioning what he is saying? That’s how much of the ‘new enlightenment‘ (I know, makes me smile too) thinking goes. (more…)

Booking Time Off

Quick post to ask for your prayers.

I’m taking time off over the next few weeks to finish writing a book that has been in the pipeline for a couple of years now. I was commissioned to write The Hard Corps almost 2 years ago, but the craziness of pastoring a growing church, coupled with the arrival of the twins meant that I had to put the project on hold.

In fairness to my publisher, the Good Book Company, they have been incredibly patient with me. However, I’ve now been given the deadline of getting the manuscript finished by the end of February. I am determined to fulfil my obligations and have the book finished by then, though this naturally will require some hard graft and logistical re-jigging. What that’s going to look like over the next few weeks is A LOT of writing, coupled with A LOT of gracious help from my dad, my family and my friends – for which I’m incredibly grateful.

I’m actually really excited about this next fortnight, though a little daunted as well as I haven’t written properly for a LOOOOOONG time! Therefore I’m asking for your prayers:

1. Pray that I would get back into the flow of writing quickly.

2. Pray for Holy Spirit inspiration – that what I write would be creative, godly and beneficial to many.

3. Pray for my family that they will fly through the next few weeks with dad in writing mode and that when I put my pen down – I’ll be able to switch off from the book and enjoy quality time with them!

4. Above all pray that God would be glorified in the coming days. I’m genuinely not writing this book to be famous – I believe that I have a message from God that is timely for this generation of Christian men.

Just to let you know that while I’m in ‘book mode’ I won’t be contributing any posts to the Rant. However, I have lined up several posts written by guest authors that promise to be fantastic, so do keep checking back!! (I dare say I’ll be a lot quieter on Twitter too!!)

Thanks guys. See you when I’m done!