Booking Time Off

Quick post to ask for your prayers.

I’m taking time off over the next few weeks to finish writing a book that has been in the pipeline for a couple of years now. I was commissioned to write The Hard Corps almost 2 years ago, but the craziness of pastoring a growing church, coupled with the arrival of the twins meant that I had to put the project on hold.

In fairness to my publisher, the Good Book Company, they have been incredibly patient with me. However, I’ve now been given the deadline of getting the manuscript finished by the end of February. I am determined to fulfil my obligations and have the book finished by then, though this naturally will require some hard graft and logistical re-jigging. What that’s going to look like over the next few weeks is A LOT of writing, coupled with A LOT of gracious help from my dad, my family and my friends – for which I’m incredibly grateful.

I’m actually really excited about this next fortnight, though a little daunted as well as I haven’t written properly for a LOOOOOONG time! Therefore I’m asking for your prayers:

1. Pray that I would get back into the flow of writing quickly.

2. Pray for Holy Spirit inspiration – that what I write would be creative, godly and beneficial to many.

3. Pray for my family that they will fly through the next few weeks with dad in writing mode and that when I put my pen down – I’ll be able to switch off from the book and enjoy quality time with them!

4. Above all pray that God would be glorified in the coming days. I’m genuinely not writing this book to be famous – I believe that I have a message from God that is timely for this generation of Christian men.

Just to let you know that while I’m in ‘book mode’ I won’t be contributing any posts to the Rant. However, I have lined up┬áseveral posts written by guest authors that promise to be fantastic, so do keep checking back!! (I dare say I’ll be a lot quieter on Twitter too!!)

Thanks guys.┬áSee you when I’m done!



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